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If you're on this page, then I know you are dedicated to your spiritual work.

You feel the next octave of your life calling you forward, but you're unsure how to access it or how to identify and remove what is holding you back. And, you really want a seasoned spiritual coach to help you break through to your next level of divine purpose, self-expression and wisdom.

Do you resonate with any of the following statements?

Check Mark You want to live a more authentic life, in alignment with your values and passions, and drop the mask you put on for others.
Check Mark You are out of balance in the expression of your masculine and feminine, but can't identify exactly what needs addressing or how to do it.
Check Mark You recognize there are some scary places you need to go to inside yourself, but want an experienced and loving guide to support you.
Check Mark You want to lead with your heart but don't feel safe enough or trust yourself enough to do it or know how to begin.
Check Mark You have hit a plateau in your personal growth and don't know what to do to get unstuck.
Check Mark You recognize how sensitive you are and want a bigger tool box to manage and protect your energy field so you can be more energized, productive and focused.
Check Mark You have tricky "blind spots" that are keeping you from healing, making decisions or finding clarity.
Check Mark You keep hitting an invisible ceiling in your relationship with abundance and can't identify what is holding you back.
Check Mark You have deep resentments, woundings or anger that you struggle to release, even though your clear intention is to let them go and move on.
Check Mark You need to shore up your boundaries, get more comfortable saying no and plug the leaks in your energy field.

Keep reading, because I might have the answer for you.

I believe our mission as human beings is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our body. To fully inhabit ourselves--the muck, the beauty, the fear, the love, the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between. To feel our feelings. To ride the sublime roller coaster of the natural rhythms and cycles of our human existence. To embrace the exquisite joy and agony of our frailty and our magnificence. To be a human bridge between heaven and earth, spirit and matter.

I believe that we are full spectrum human beings. That means we aren't just the good and the light, the happy and the positive. We are the shadow and the dark, too. The ugly and the painful. If our purpose in incarnating was only to experience our connection to Spirit, then what was the point of incarnating in the first place? We could have just stayed in Spirit form!

Living life as a fully embodied human is hard. Most spiritual material focuses on the upward direction of spirituality: connecting to Spirit, recognizing our oneness with all things, remembering our Divinity, knowing that we are each individuations of Creator, accepting that there are no mistakes and everything happens in divine timing.

I support these values whole-heartedly. They are necessary and vital to our awakening. I practice them myself. But what I don't see people talking about very much is the "downward" direction of our growth and development. In short, how to live a fully embodied life.

The truth is, the spiritual path doesn't just lead up. It leads down. Down into the body. Living a fully embodied life means doing the work to fully inhabit yourself - going down into the body to acknowledge, accept and embrace our full nature. It means we have to accept our flaws, look at our shadow and do our work to identify and embrace all of the disowned, unloved parts of ourselves.

This is where the key to unlocking your next octave lies.

If this idea scares you, then you're exactly in the right place. If somewhere in the depths of your being a bell is ringing in resonance with the truth that in our darkness lies our greatest transformation, then you have found the work that is next for you.

If you're ready to dive right in, then choose from the programs under the "Work With Stephanie" tab.

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Misty"I saw Stephanie’s information in a paper I was reading a couple of years ago and cut it out, feeling I would need it one day. A few months ago, I made my first appointment. That first visit did more for me than two years with a therapist!!!

"Stephanie gave me two exercises to do before my next visit which awakened me to the root cause of many of my patterns. Everything comes to us when we are open and ready and I am so glad I was finally ready to do the work and made that first appointment!

"I have had so many breakthroughs and positive changes working with Stephanie! I am now more in tune with my body and understanding how feelings are a tool for manifesting all my dreams. It has started a transforming healing process and I will forever be grateful to her and her work."

~ Misty L.


Virginia Farney"My first session with Stephanie uncovered some core issues that I never would have discovered through self-exploration. Stephanie's work was more beneficial than a whole year of therapy."

~ Virginia Farney
Hopsice Worker


"I started seeing Stephanie individually and Stephanie has an awesome gift and is very in tune with Spirit and the clients she works with. I spent over 5+ years in conventional therapy and barely scratched the surface and in the first 3 sessions Stephanie allowed Spirit to work through her to empower me to empower myself to walk through some traumatic issues that I couldn't see and break through. I consider Stephanie to be a true medicine woman."

~ Shannon Lindsey LPN


Julia Felton"Since working with Stephanie I have regained my voice and am now more confidently able to articulate what I need and desire. I am now setting clearer boundaries with others and feel more empowered than I have in a long time.

"Thank you Stephanie for helping me unblock that part of me that was holding me back from the success that I deserve."

~ Julia Felton (UK), a Holistic Business Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Author of the Book Unbridled Success – How the Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills


Lorna Hooper"Stephanie's ability to communicate and listen in a honest and straightforward, yet nurturing and loving way, is amazing. After working with her I have been able to quiet my inner-child and negative self-talk and identify when I am letting those insecurities create chaos and blockages in my personal and professional relationships and successes. Using the tools and insight I gained from my sessions, I am able to more easily overcome these insecurities. And when a message or emotion arose that I wasn't ready to work through or couldn't verbalize or understand, her incredible patience and kindness came through to either help, encourage or let it be.

"Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else's feelings and emotions creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, happiness and success in every area of my life.

"Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself!

"Thank You Stephanie!!"

~ Lorna Hooper
Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer



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