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Inner Shaman

Currently there are no dates scheduled for this workshop.
Please contact me if you are interested, and we can discuss scheduling options.

Bullet Have you always felt deeply connected to the natural world around you? Even communicated or received messages through nature?
Bullet Are you highly tuned to the unseen world - the energies - around you?
Bullet Are you drawn to Native American, indigenous, pagan or shamanic spiritual practices?
Bullet Do you receive intuitive "hits" or messages about people or circumstances?
Bullet Have you noticed a long-standing desire to help others heal?
Bullet Have you experienced some sort of unexpected initiation (such as divorce, an accident, a disease, or near-death experience) that caused you to make a radical turn in your life and start exploring your own shadowy depths and relating to the world in an entirely new way?
Bullet Are you ready for change but aren't sure what to do to get the ball rolling?
Bullet Do you have past life memories of being a healer, medicine man or woman, priest or priestess or shaman?
Bullet Do you enjoy (and find it easy to) reach altered states of consciousness through trance dance, meditation, journeying, drumming or similar experiences and in so doing, receive profound message, communications, awarenesses or clarity?
Bullet Is there something deeper calling to you that you have been afraid to acknowledge or explore?
Bullet Are you just curious to learn more about shamanism?

All of these don't have to be true for you to take this workshop, but in my experience I have found that numerous people who end up on the path of shamanism have many of these qualities or experiences in common. Often times people have a feeling of "coming home" when they experience shamanic concepts or ceremonies for the first time.

Shaman DrumIn this experiential workshop, you will spend a day meeting and working with your inner shaman. Whether you've studied or practiced shamanism before or this is your first time exploring it, there is something in this workshop for all levels of experience. And, as with all ceremonial processes, you will receive precisely what you are ready and meant to receive and it doesn't have to look like the person next to you!

Spirit is always looking for an opportunity to communicate with us and when we are in a receptive space such as this type of sacred circle, profound messages and healings often take place.

Plus, we will have the very special and rare celestial convergence of a full moon and lunar eclipse. I chose to offer this workshop specifically on this day to work with the energies of these events to support us in a deep cleansing and releasing process. So if you are ready to release what no longer serves you in a safe and supported way, here is your chance.

Additionally, during our day in circle together, you will:

Square Bullet Meet your inner shaman! And learn how to invoke this powerful aspect of yourself to journey inward and to connect more deeply to the world around you.

Square Bullet Learn the ancient and traditional role of the shaman across different cultures.

Square Bullet Become aware of how that traditional role has been updated to embrace the shamanic nature of each one of us as humans and how to integrate the components of this sometimes esoteric path into modern everyday life.

Square Bullet Experience sacred ceremonies.

Square Bullet Meet one of your power animals and learn to recognize its presence and how to develop a relationship with it.

Square Bullet Learn how shamanic principles can be used to help you heal, be more in tune with the world around you and communicate with subtle energies.

Square Bullet Learn basic energy management and navigation tools to help you as you explore different dimensions and states of consciousness.

Square Bullet Work specifically with the energies of the full moon and lunar eclipse to go deep into our subconscious and release patterns and pains that no longer serve us.

Square Bullet Create a personal art piece to integrate the day’s experiences and carry forth the medicine from this workshop.

While I study and practice in a Peruvian tradition of shamanism, called the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, the focus of our time together will be on universal shamanic principles and practices, as opposed to teaching you in a specific tradition.

Your inner shaman can guide you in your own personal healing as well as healing for your community and planet. As you allow yourself to experience the events of the day, you will begin opening at a deeper level to your role as healer, seer, and mystic. To walk the path of the shaman is to walk in harmony and reverence with the world around you. Many of you have already chosen to walk the shamanic path – here is a chance to understand your choice more deeply so you can fully embrace it.

You don't have to be Native American or know anything about native, indigenous or shamanic practices to take this workshop. If your heart is being activated by this opportunity, then trust the intelligence and wisdom of your inner knowing. Something deeper is calling you.

Are you ready to meet your inner shaman?

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