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March 29, 2017 Are You In A State Of Contraction With Money?
Money StressIn our current geopolitical climate, it can be easy to fall into contraction around money. Much is unclear about where we are headed with taxes, health care, interest rates, job security and more. It can be a challenge to stay out of panic, withdrawal or resignation. Mentally, many of our old tapes get triggered when we go into fear around money. Do any of these sound familiar?
  • There isn't enough.
  • We'll have to cut way back.
  • One of us will need to get a second job.
  • I'll never be able to...(move into a bigger house, get a new car, have the surgery I need, etc.)
  • We'll have to cancel our vacation.
  • My business is going to...(dry up, lose clients, go into the red, etc.)
  • Will I be able to take care of my children?
  • We're going to have to sell our house and move into a smaller one, take on a roommate, etc.
  • I guess my dream of (______) will never happen.
  • We'll have to go into debt just to survive.

While it is always advised to be thoughtful and make conscious choices about your money and priorities, there is a difference between prudence and fear. How do you know if you are in fear? Checking in with your physical body will give you clear clues.

If you are in a contracted state when you interact with money — whether paying bills, doing taxes, balancing the checkbook, watching the news or making decisions with your partner — there will be physical symptoms. Common indicators include tightness in your gut, shallow breathing, a furrowed brow, anxiety, slumped (contracted) posture, rigidity in your muscles, nervous ticks, tension in your neck and shoulders or a general pattern of holding or clenching.

What happens when you stay in a contracted state? > Read On

March 2, 2017 Liberate Yourself From Patriarchy
Cut The StringsMarch is National Women's History Month and March 2-8 is National Women's History Week. On the eve of this special week of recognition, I couldn't imagine a better time to talk about the Inner Patriarch.

The Inner Patriarch is an aspect of every woman's psyche, just like the Inner Critic or ego. The Inner Patriarch plays a special role in that it teaches us how to get along as a woman in a male-dominated world. It carries the old patriarchal traditions, rules and values and is the inner spokesman for the outer patriarchy. It is a powerful force that usually operates beyond the edges of our awareness until its presence is brought to our attention. What is most interesting about this aspect of ourselves is that it is passed down to us by our mothers.

I was first introduced to the concept of the Inner Patriarch when I went through the Priestess Process in 2005. This work of the Inner Patriarch was pioneered by a woman named Sidra Stone and one of the main tools she uses to explore and elicit feedback from him is through voice dialog. We did an exercise in my circle where we paired up and interviewed each other's Inner Patriarch. The first question was, "Tell us about yourself, your beliefs and judgments about women, your beliefs and judgments about Stephanie and your influence on her life.” I was so clueless and this aspect of me so hidden that when my partner asked me the question I essentially replied, "I don't think he has much influence. He doesn't really have anything to say. I think we're pretty good here." > Read On

Sept. 13, 2016 What Keeps A Relationship Alive?
RelationshipsThis article is inspired by six women who just completed their nine-month journey through the Priestess Process. From different walks of life and representing great diversity, these woman came together, bonded strongly and care deeply for one another.

They have shared how important it is to them to continue getting together and supporting one another now that the process is complete. That got me thinking about the many different circles I've participated in. Over the years, I've built bonds with numerous people as I engaged in a wide variety of intensives and trainings. But, sadly... > Read On

Aug. 30, 2016 The Hard Truth About Asking For What You Need
Asking To Have Needs MetIt’s an important pillar of owning your power: asking for what you need. At some point along our journey we begin to realize that we deserve and are worthy of what we desire. We become more adept at recognizing what we want and need and start to make ourselves a priority.

But there’s a sneaky expectation that can often entangle itself with our newfound courage and ability to stand up for ourselves... > Read On
Aug. 2, 2016 Preparing For Increase
How To Welcome The Wealth That Is Already Yours
Savings GrowAs spiritual beings, many of us still struggle with charging for our gifts, asking for what we're worth or making a "lot" of money (whatever that amount is for you). With as many lifetimes as we've all lived, you can be certain that we still carry around the cellular memories of taking vows of poverty, begging, eschewing earthly pleasures or material items, being nuns or monks, being persecuted or rejected, lifetimes of wealth where we were betrayed or acted irresponsibly, or where we were made to believe that service means giving all of yourself with no expectation of receiving anything in return.... > Read On

July 19, 2016 Are You Really Sick Or Just Morphing?
Spiritual HealthGetting sick unexpectedly. Purging. Frequent urination. Unexplained pains or muscle aches. Hives. Severe insect or spider bites. Abscesses. Diarrhea. Chest tightness. Rashes. Exhaustion. Heart palpitations. Trouble breathing. Dizziness.

What do all these things have in common?

The shamanic lifestyle! (I can hear you groaning, "Great!")

I can't tell you how many times I have had intense physical...
> Read On
July 5, 2016 The Universe Isn't Saying No
DiagramIt has long been a teaching of mine to my students and clients that life travels in a spiral. It was one of my earliest epiphanies during my spiritual awakening. I landed upon this understanding through many years of frustration, feeling like certain themes kept arising for me to contend with over and over. With a string of profanities and plenty of self-condemnation, I would grouse over the fact that I dealt with this 10 years ago... > Read On
June 21, 2016 How To Let Go Gracefully
Burning CeremonySo what needs to die in your life?

While this may sound like a morbid subject, I’m actually talking about symbolic death here. Creativity and destruction are two sides of the same coin. For a new creation to come into being, often times something needs to “die” to make room for the new. From a symbolic perspective... > Read On
June 7, 2016 Is Your Joy Container Full Of Holes?
Joy ContainerWhile we all experience loss, how we react to it and how we let it inform our future can be unconsciously disastrous to our ability to fully receive and feel our joy.

I recently read "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown and something she wrote left me with that gut-dropping resonance of, "Oh God, that's exactly what I'm doing." I had to put the book down and stare into space for a little while to fully process the impact of her words... > Read On
May 24, 2016 Envy Is A Tool
Posion EnvyEnvy is a natural human condition as well as its cousin jealousy, the oft accompanying emotion. We all experience them. Denying your envy only makes it go underground where it can manifest into bitterness, obsession or self-loathing. There's no need to hide it, and it doesn't mean you're bad or un-evolved, or - dare I say - unspiritual.  It's what we do with our envy that is most important.

Whenever you find yourself jealous or envious of another person or something they have, take that energy out of the shadow and let it become productive. The reason the envy showed up in the first place is because.... > Read On
May 10, 2016 The (Unacceptable) Stages Of Grief
Grief is not a light switchWe all grieve. And grief is not relegated to the realm of physical death. Any kind of major loss can plunge us into that spinning place of pandemonium where life seems to be defined by confusion, despair, panic, anger, exhaustion and utter hopelessness. In that chaos, we try to make sense of what happened, do our best to continue living our life, tending to our responsibilities, and figuring out how in the world to move on.

Except, the world hasn't made room for our grieving.

Adding insult to injury, we can't even honestly express and move through our feelings (which of course stunts them and prolongs the grieving process) for fear of being labeled weak, depressed, fragile, unproductive and soft. We fear disappointing our bosses. We fear making others uncomfortable. We fear burdening others in those moments when it is just too much effort to... > Read On
April 26, 2016 Are You Still Trying To Get Back Into The Garden?
Am I Good Enough?Do you ever feel like there is an unnamed force compelling you to constantly prove your worth, earn your keep and show that you deserve all the good you receive?

Personally, this is a core wound of mine that I have been consciously walking with for over 16 years. And the stink of it is, the clock starts over every day for me. In this warped, dysfunctional view of the world that has run my life for so many years (very sneakily and subtly I might add), it doesn't matter how productive I was the day before, or how many good girl points I racked up or how much I accomplished, the score is reset to zero every day.

In Western society, we -- as a collective -- chose to be born into a culture that is founded in Christianity and the notion of original sin. Whether or not the bible or Christianity were an active part of your upbringing... > Read On
April 12, 2016 Emotion Does Not Equal Weakness
Group HugWhen I was in North Carolina at my 11-day intensive in February, I got to witness something amazing with the group of people in my training class: a new model of how we humans can relate to one another with compassion, respect and honor if we simply shift what we value in each other.

Our training was highly accelerated. Every single one of us got triggered, multiple times. What we were learning stirred up our individual fears, traumas and epiphanies. I remember two specific occasions - while Star Wolf was teaching - of huge gut-wrenching, life-changing realizations where I put some things together about my childhood and my mother. I didn't know how it would be possible to sob silently, but I just bent over and wept quietly as the emotions moved through me... > Read On
Mar. 29, 2016 Knock Knock... Who's There? It's Your Inner Child
The Child WithinSo let me just kick this off by unzipping my proverbial fly and sharing something incredibly personal. I was recently reading through old journals and discovered a telling conversation between my adult self and my inner child from four years ago that hit me llike a two-by-four across the forehead. As I read it, I marveled at my inner child's bluntness and wisdom. I had completely forgotten about this exchange.

I have chosen to share that dialog with you in this first article to show you an example of what can happen when we repress and ignore our inner child. Before reading the dialog, you should know I had given her the opportunity to color. Then I decided to start talking to her based on what she drew... > Read On

Other Articles

The Energy Of Change
Evolving Magazine - Oct. 2016

Have you noticed that when you go through great personal change, everything around you seems to be in chaos for a period of time? Ever wonder why? 

There are several energetic principles at work that can help us understand why our world—and especially our relationships—go through so much upheaval when we are in a process of transformation. 

First, it’s important to remember that everything in the world carries a unique energetic frequency. If you put anything under a large enough microscope, it’s just a particle vibrating at a rate of speed. So, too, you carry a distinctive frequency. When you change, your frequency changes. And this sets off a whole sequence of reactions in your personal ecosystem. 

Whatever is in your environment that is no longer in resonance with your new frequency is now in dissonance. And just like in music, dissonance is not sustainable. It builds tension, and everything in nature is always seeking a state of equilibrium. Be it your job, relationships, wardrobe, or daily routine, things that are no longer in harmony with your new self will begin to fall away as a new state of balance and harmony is sought. > Read On


There Is No Right Amount Of Devotion
Evolving Magazine - Jan. 2016

In a recent moment of clarity I realized the key to achieving the happiness I seek does not lie in pleasing some supreme authority or following a specific set of rules to the letter. It is not about putting our desires below God's. It is not about self-sacrifice or denying and suppressing our power, creative expression, or aspirations. It is not about doing enough. (Enough of what? And how much is enough anyway?)

There is no vindictive God sitting up in heaven with a clipboard and a stopwatch, observing us bumping around the maze, trying to figure out how to play a game to which we’ve never been given the rules—all  along laughing his butt off as he continues to put checkmarks in the "she didn't get it right again" column.

God is not setting us up to fail, judging and then punishing us because we made a wrong turn. I refuse to believe in a supreme being that would give us freewill, set us up to fail, then condemn us for eternity because we didn't get it right. > Read On


Transcendence Means Down, Not Up
Evolving Magazine - Dec. 2015

Not that ancient wisdom texts are easy to interpret in the first place, but I think some of the sages who studied and decoded the meaning of these documents, despite their best efforts, got it wrong.

Reaching enlightenment, greater states of awareness or transcendence  isn't about bypassing the emotions. It isn't about living from the upper chakras and going through life forcing positive affirmations and rejecting the existence of the shadow. It isn't about walking around in a self-delusional blissed-out state while cancer is quietly developing in your colon from the 48 years of anger you haven't expressed.

It is easy to be spiritual. It is hard to be human. > Read On

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