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Business Coaching

So let me be clear about what this is and what this is not. If you are looking for someone to help you with your marketing plan, building your business, finding your niche, creating systems, building your website, figuring out social media or how to get more clients, I am not your gal.

FrustrationHowever, if you know you need to work on YOURSELF because you sense a blockage, shadow element, un-named fear, self-sabotaging behavior, lack of passion, confusion, overwhelm, or spiritual crisis that is affecting your business, then I AM your gal.

I would encourage you to next ask yourself these two questions so you can decide what coaching track to pursue with me:

"What do I spend the most energy worrying about, fretting over or trying to solve?"

"If I had a magic wand, what would I change in this moment?"

If your answers point to your relationship with money, such as:

  • under earning even though you know you're worth more
  • frequently finding yourself short on money despite trying to make more
  • engaging in self-sabotaging money behaviors
  • being unable to increase your savings
  • having money leaks you can't identify or plug
  • wanting to make more money but aren't sure how
  • feeling like your income level has hit a ceiling you can't get past

then you'll want to do my private Money Breakthrough Program. LinkLearn More

If your answers point to boundaries or overwhelm, such as:

  • I have trouble saying no
  • I take on everyone else's problems
  • I'm afraid to or won't ask for what I need
  • I can't maintain my resolve or stick to my decisions
  • I let people talk me out of things
  • I'm highly sensitive and/or get easily overwhelmed
  • I don't enforce rules with clients, staff, etc.
  • I feel everyone else's feelings and don't know how to separate them from my own
  • I'm too easily influenced by what everyone else wants
  • My self-care is in the toilet
  • I spend too much time helping everyone else and can't get my own work done

then you'll want to do my private Embrace Your Empath program. LinkLearn More

If your answers point to something more psychological or mental, such as:

  • General loss of motivation or focus
  • Disillusionment
  • Lack of clarity
  • Unnamed anger or frustration
  • Feeling stuck
  • Decision fatigue (don't know how to navigate all the choices)
  • Self-doubt
  • Wanting to grow your business and having too many ideas how

then you'll want to do a package of spiritual healing sessions.While the private money breakthrough and empath training programs involve more defined content, these spiritual healing sessions allow us to go wherever Spirit takes us. Just to be clear, it's really a triune: your guides, my guides and Spirit - all collaborating to take you through the healing work necessary to identify what's in the shadows and bring it to light for releasing, healing and transmuting.

Maybe your energy system feels clogged and you need some deep clearing work. Maybe your issues trace back to unresolved childhood wounds. Maybe you are out of balance in the application of your masculine and feminine energies. Maybe you've been getting clear messages about what you need to do but you're afraid of the magnitude of the change or doubt yourself. Whatever is going on under the surface, we'll find it and work it.
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Up In Arms

Regained My Voice

Julia Felton"Since working with Stephanie I have regained my voice and am now more confidently able to articulate what I need and desire. I am now setting clearer boundaries with others and feel more empowered than I have in a long time.

"Thank you Stephanie for helping me unblock that part of me that was holding me back from the success that I deserve."

~ Julia Felton (UK), a Holistic Business Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Author of the Book Unbridled Success – How the Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills


I Never Thought Money
Could Be So Fun

" A deeply compassionate person, Stephanie Red Feather is one of the best listeners I have ever known. She has the capacity to glean deep insights into each of her client’s karmic situations – thus shedding light on those aspects of the self which may have been hidden and need to be integrated. Before working with Stephanie, I struggled with severe agoraphobia. After working with Stephanie, my agoraphobia has been healed and I no longer suffer anxiety attacks when in crowded places. I have even taken a cross-country train trip to the east coast…all without experiencing an abnormal fear of being in crowds.

"And I am here to testify that, after tending to the money energies in my life, I have received two scholarships and feel totally empowered when it comes to managing the money energy that comes into my life…I never thought that money could be so much fun!

"Here’s just a small list of other results I’ve experienced by working with Stephanie:

"- After approaching my Uncle and making arrangements to pay the debt I owe him, our relationship has healed. As Stephanie would say, the relationship is being kept: 'clean, clear and current.'

"- I’ve given myself permission to make more money.

" - I have started a savings account and no longer have a sense of fear or lack when dealing with money.

" - In the past, when thinking about money, my primary focus would be on what was going out from me (be it money for bills, money for gas, etc). Now my focus is on the abundance which is coming to me. It could be from finding a five dollar bill in my winter coat, or from the winnings of a rarely purchased lottery ticket, or from a stranger ahead of me in the Starbuck’s drive thru who pays for my latte. And by taking up that perceptual shift, I have found that one aligns themselves with the creative impulse of the Universe and then actually is blessed with more abundance.

"Stephanie Red Feather has a remarkable way of calling upon the healing forces of the Universe to help her clients. She is the real deal."

~ Walker
Hospice Worker




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