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What About The Divine Masculine?

******** This program is currently in development ********

Genesis of the idea:

After much emphasis in recent decades has been placed on the return of the Divine Feminine, or the energy of the Goddess, it felt important to address that this shift isn't about swinging towards a matriarchal society or feminine energy-dominated world.

The Divine MasculineThe sweet spot is actually right in the middle, with the Divine Feminine AND Divine Masculine walking hand-in-hand in conscious, equal partnership.

As humans, no matter what body we are born into, we all have a masculine side and a feminine side. Each of these aspects of ourselves are developed and informed through the influence of our parents, teachers, families, churches and society as a whole as we are growing up. No one is perfect, so it stands to reason that we all have wounded feminine and wounded masculine aspects as we internalized the messages and values we were exposed to as children. Consequently, some of us repress one side over the other, some of us over-express one side, and we all certainly have strong opinions (whether we're conscious of them or not) about the value of each set of qualities.

So a big part of our spiritual journey as we continue to walk towards wholeness is to understand these two aspects of ourselves and that, while different, they are BOTH important and BOTH equally valuable and necessary. Embracing wholeness (and being able to conduct a healthy relationship) requires that we address our INTERNAL marriage: the relationship between our inner masculine and inner feminine.

Enter the Divine.

So what exactly is the DIVINE masculine or feminine? Whenever you see the word divine, think of it as the blueprint. The example that we strive to be. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine blueprints hold the codes of their ideal expression in human form.

As we do our work to heal our wounded feminine and masculine sides, as we tell ourselves the truth about what we value (and don't value) of the feminine and masculine characteristics, as we begin to release the old programming from our youth that no longer serves where we are headed, we turn to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to give us a new modeling of what it looks like for the masculine and feminine to walk together as co-creative equals.

So this program I am developing, while it addresses both the feminine and the masculine, provides particular emphasis on the masculine archetypes and a new blueprint for healthy masculine expression. For example, how we can heal and bring back into balance our over-expression and unhealthy extremes of the masculine energies; how the blueprint of the Divine Masculine serves to give us a guide for redefining our old patriarchal programming; and why our masculine energies are critical in drawing boundaries, holding space, and taking action (sorry, it's NOT all about the feminine.)

Stay tuned, as this will be a powerful program once I am finished giving birth to it!!

The Divine Masculine & Feminine


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