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Earth Embodiment School


Begins January 28, 2017

The First Weekend is Free!

(Location: The first weekend will be held at the Heart of the Dove KC 4327 Troost, Kansas City, MO 64110. I hope I will see you there. Please register.)

At such an instrumental time in the trajectory of our species, it is more important than ever that we make a clear choice.

A choice to be here or not.

And if you choose to be here, then at a soul level you are committing to what you came here to do. To bring forward your full potential as creator on earth. To experience yourself as "God in a bod." In the book Friendship with God, God says "Every act is an act of self-definition."

How are you defining yourself?

And I don't mean what mark you are leaving on the world or what reputation you are cultivating or what legacy you are leaving behind or what you are accumulating.

I mean, in every moment, who are you choosing to be?

Earth EmbodimentYou came here with big ideas. But if you have found yourself stuck, get started but can't finish, experience confusion or lethargy, talk yourself out of your dreams or can't find the focus and motivation to see your creations through, then my friend, you aren't fully in your body.

Just about every one of us walks around only partially embodied and we don't even know it. It takes great effort, consciousness and courage to be fully embodied and even more to stay that way on a regular basis. Through the combination of traumatic and disappointing life experiences, we have shut down much of our life force. Why? Because it can be overwhelming and painful to fully inhabit ourselves. Our stored traumas, woundings and shadow stay comfortably hidden in our lower chakras when we choose not to fully embody.

Yet there's a part of you aching to be set free. Your soul knows there's more you came here to be. You may not even know what it is that's holding you back, but I can assure you, learning to fully inhabit yourself is a major key in unleashing and experiencing the full capacity of your passion and vision for your life and in your ability to take action and see your dreams through to completion.

Are you ready to:

Bullet Be seen and heard?
Bullet Speak your needs more clearly and directly, yet with gentleness and respect?
Bullet Know yourself as a creator?
Bullet Be deeply fulfilled by who you are on the inside, not by what happens on the outside?
Bullet Discover where you hide out?
Bullet Bring more of your creations into form and finish what you start?
Bullet Unleash yourself — all your creativity and passion — on the world?
Bullet Take action in the face of fear instead of letting fear stop you?
Bullet Live unapologetically?
Bullet Stop making yourself small?
Bullet Develop the charisma and magnetism you know you possess?

Treasure ChestEarth Embodiment School is the vehicle that can unlock all of these treasures for you.


Embodiment is the degree to which you are fully inhabiting yourself. It is your life force that animates you. Without that life essence, you are dead.

Yet through the accumulation of life experiences, we make an unconscious decision that it is safer to leave our bodies in times of trauma and pain, so we retract our life force energy, like pulling roots out of the ground. It is actually a protective measure — a coping mechanism — that your psyche employs to keep you from experiencing the intensity and pain of a particular trauma.

The problem develops when you STAY disembodied, or only partially embodied as a daily state of being. Being out of your body to some degree or another as a permanent state leads to depression and a lackluster life. Not to mention just being simply unfulfilled. Most of us are walking around "half dead" because we have grown so accustomed to the trickle of life force that we're actually running that we don't even recognize we're operating at half power.

Do you find yourself:

Bullet battling depression
Bullet acting spacey or absent-minded
Bullet feeling lost
Bullet having trouble focusing
Bullet struggling with making decisions
Bullet exhausted when you don't have a clear reason to be
Bullet lacking motivation or desire
Bullet deficient in your ability to follow through
Bullet uncoordinated or physically clumsy
Bullet not being able to complete projects
Bullet experiencing minor injuries or accidents
Bullet disillusioned
Bullet being unable to manifest or bring your creations fully into form
Bullet feeling like an outsider

These are all symptoms of being disembodied.

When we are not fully embodied, it's like we're operating at a diminished capacity. When we're not drawing enough "amps" to power our body, our life and our creations, then the lights are constantly flickering and there's not enough "juice" to get the job done. We can't count on a consistent flow of power so things run in fits and spurts.

Our life force energy is tied directly to Universal life force energy, which is unlimited. While we are plugged into our human bodies, we have full access to — literally — the power of the Universe. But we get in our own way. We shut our transformers down. We choke off our life force.


VisionOur mission is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our body. To fully inhabit ourselves--the muck, the beauty, the fear, the love, the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between. To feel our feelings. To ride the sublime roller coaster of the natural rhythms and cycles of our human existence. To embrace the exquisite joy and agony of our frailty and our magnificence. To be a human bridge between spirit and matter.

Our true power and strength comes from inhabiting ALL of ourselves. And our greatest power? Well, it lies hidden within our shadow, the parts of us we don't want to look at or admit exists. When we can face our fears, love the parts of us we believe are unlovable, confront the stuff that scares us the most, and own every bit of who we are — good, bad and ugly — then we multiply exponentially our ability to walk through this world fully grounded, present and hiding from no one.


I am passionate about you experiencing yourself as the creator you came here to be. I want to help you remove the blocks to full embodiment so you can apply your full life force energy to every endeavor in your life and really show up. We will hold the space together to identify, love and release the experiences of trauma, abuse, abandonment and the effects of the messages you internalized from childhood. In their place we will reclaim the power and passion of each chakra gateway. AND we will unlock and activate the original coding in your spiritual DNA that holds the keys of who you came here to be.

This mystery school will give you the tools and kinesthetic experiences to help you become more embodied and to recognize for yourself when you are and are not fully inhabiting yourself. In this way you have the power to make a new choice in each and every moment, living your life more deliberately and with full awareness.
We'll dive into symptoms of chronic disembodiment, learn why it's so hard to fully embody, and rehearse loads of daily practices you can engage in to be more present inside yourself. Through ceremony and direct experience you will begin to integrate your full life force essence and learn to hold the energetic container for your bigness.

We will also give ourselves permission - permissions to feel, to forgive, to release, to have big dreams, and permission to be ourselves.

This mystery school will make use of wisdom teachings, channeling, guided visualizations, journaling exercises, movement and dance, living ceremony, group discussion, therapeutic art, and much more to help you get — at a kinesthetic, cellular, and soul level — what embodiment is and how to practice it.


Anyone 18 years or older is welcome to engage in Earth Embodiment School. It is open to both men and women.

Man and woman

And, it doesn't matter where you are on your spiritual journey or how much inner work you have done. There is always more to discover! There is always the next layer. There is always the next version of you that you are being called into. Spirit will meet you wherever you are and take you through the individual initiatory portal that your spirit is ready to walk through.

If you:

Bullet miss being in circle;
Bullet love those deep processes that give you that precious time to go deep within, explore, release, heal, grown and transform;
Bullet know you're being called to your next level of growth, healing and expression, even if you don't know what that means for you;
Bullet miss the unique dynamic of sharing your journey and supporting and being supported by a spiritual community of like-spirited folks;
Bullet desire to have opportunities for profound downloads and epiphanies;
Bullet respond profoundly to ceremony and ritual;
Bullet love working with the energies of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts";

Then this process is for you.



I am so passionate about the subject of embodiment and feel it is so crucial to our fulfillment as spiritual beings having a human experience, that I am giving away the first weekend of this mystery school. I want everyone to feel what it is like to be more fully embodied!

There is absolutely no obligation by coming to the first weekend. Experience the energies for yourself and connect with other like-spirited soul family members as you discover what is possible for you. Then decide if you want to engage in the full mystery school.

If, however, you know you are ready to commit to this 10-1/2 month journey, you are welcome to begin your payments now. There is a discounted full pay option as well as a monthly payment option. Or, you can wait and make your choice after experiencing the first weekend.

Whether you're ready to commit to the entire process or just want to experience the first weekend, please register using this form (PDF). Registrants will be emailed preparatory instructions no later than Thursday, January 26.

Your tuition for this 10-1/2 month journey includes:

Earth Yes The first weekend absolutely free!
Anyone who wants to experience these teachings and what is available to them through this mystery school is welcome to come to the first weekend for no charge.
Earth Yes Eight weekends of seasoned facilitation, including wisdom teachings, channeling, guided visualizations, journaling exercises, movement and dance, living ceremony, group discussion, and therapeutic art.
Earth Yes Seven virtual gatherings in between each weekend which can include a video tutorial, group call, recorded meditation, or journaling exercise. These virtual gathering will vary in length, but be no more than 90 minutes.
Earth Yes Energetic support for the entire 10 1/2-month period. Stephanie will be holding space for each of you as individuals and as a circle during the entire process, not just on the weekends that you meet. She will be tending to the energies and carefully guiding participant and the circle as a whole through open communion with the her divine guides and your higher selves.
Earth Yes Potential credit toward a degree through Venus Rising University. Participation in the Earth Embodiment School can count as credit toward a degree through Venus Rising University. Contact for more information about their university degree programs.
Earth Yes BONUS: A photo CD of the entire process. With your permission, Stephanie takes photos each weekend and compiles them into a disk as a gift for each participant. CDs will be delivered within 2 months of completion of the process.
Earth Yes BONUS: If you choose the full pay option, you will receive one free 60-minute private session with Stephanie as well as a $100 discount off the monthly pay tuition option.

The value of these bonuses is well over $400.00!

Please note that after the first weekend, this will be a closed group where participants will complete the entire rest of the mystery school as a group. Because of this, each participant is required to keep their financial agreement for the entire series (weekends two through eight) as I will not be adding additional initiates once we have begun the second weekend of this very special journey.

Because of the deep nature of this work, only initiates who are fully committed to completion are accepted. No refunds are issued for this type of program and once you make a commitment, you are responsible for the full program fees regardless of completion.

While the process is designed to challenge you, it is extremely rare for an initiate to not complete the process. However, should you find yourself for any reason unable to complete your sacred journey, you MUST have an in-person session with Stephanie to close the initiation process.


If you know that you are ready to commit to the entire mystery school, you can pay in full now and receive a $100 discount over the monthly pay option, making your tuition only $1750! Plus you'll receive an additional bonus: one 60-minute private session with Stephanie! This is an introductory price - tuition for Earth Embodiment School will never be this low again! Click below to take advantage of the early bird full pay option of $1750.

Also please be sure to complete this registration form (PDF). Registrants will be emailed preparatory instructions no later than Thursday, January 26.

PAYMENT OPTION 2: Monthly Payments

You may choose to break your tuition up into 10 equal monthly payment of $185. This will be the monthly payment option whether you begin your payments now or wait until after the first weekend on Jan 28-29. Total tuition for the monthly payment option is $1850. If you know you're ready to commit, I would encourage you to get started with your payments now. Click below to make your first payment of $185.

Also please be sure to complete this registration form (PDF). Registrants will be emailed preparatory instructions no later than Thursday, January 26.
  Why I Created This Mystery School

Several years ago I had an epiphany during a ceremonial gathering. As I watched the convener get triggered and have a less-than-stellar moment in how they chose to handle the situation, it hit me:

What is the point of all of this "spiritual practice " if we can't relate to the human standing next to us? If we can't have an honest conversation about how we feel? If we can't speak our truth and  communicate clearly?

It became so clear that if all we wanted to do was experience our connection to Spirit, then what was the point of incarnating in the first place? We could have just stayed in spirit form.

From this download, the key word that emerged for me was embodiment. Since then I have been receiving guidance from my spiritual team and actively trolling through my own experiences to pull out and capture the essence of what it means to be a fully embodied human being. Embodiment has since become the underpinning of all of my sacred work in the world. This mystery school is the result of the spiritual activation I received and the ensuing three-year period of development.



Weekend 1: Introduction, The Manifesting Channel, and Seventh Chakra
January 28 - 29, 2017    
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on Saturday
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Sunday
(NOTE: The video says we start Jan. 27. When I created this I was going to begin on Friday night, but since adjusted the pacing. The first day is Jan. 28.)

Weekend 2: Chakras Six and Five
March 18-19, 2017

Weekend 3: Chakras Four and Three
April 29-30, 2017

Weekend 4: Chakras Two and One
June 24-25, 2017

Weekend 5: The Liberating Channel, Chakras One and Two
August 5-6, 2017

Weekend 6: Chakras Three and Four
September 16-17, 2017

Weekend 7: Chakras Five and Six
October 21-22, 2017

Weekend 8: Chakra Seven, Closing Ceremonies
December 2-3, 2017

Bullet Register Now!



Location: This mystery school will be held in the Kansas City metro area. In other programs, it has been the case that a participant will offer their home to host the series. Conducting the circle in a home is a beautiful way to create a safe and private container to hold space for our deep work; plus it brings a wonderful energy to that person's home! If you would like to offer your home to host the process, please let Stephanie know and she will meet with you to assess if your space is suitable for holding circle.

Please note our weekend time together is NOT overnight, meaning you will go home Saturday night and come back on Sunday. If participants choose to stay at one another's homes to cut down on drive time, that is up to the participants to make those arrangements.

For those coming from out of town: If you are considering participating in this circle, but live out of town, it is almost always the case that those who live in town happily open their homes to their out-of-town brothers and sisters as well as provide local transportation. Please let Stephanie know before you book a hotel or rental car as we should be able to connect you with local participants who can support you!




Stephanie Red Feather is a Magdalene High Priestess, Ordained Shamanic Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, and a shamanic practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru. She holds a Masters Degree in Shamanic Intuitional Practices and is working on her Doctorate in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies.

In addition to Earth Embodiment School, Stephanie is a prolific creator of workshops and materials including:

Bullet The Shamanic Dance of Transformation

Bullet New Year's Spiritual Renewal

Bullet Soul Check-In

Bullet The Embodiment How-To Manual

Bullet How to Make Decisions With Your Heart: A Guided Meditation

Bullet My 30-Day Wealth Building Workbook

Bullet Turn Your Chakras Into Cash: 7 Ways to Make More Money Using the Power of Your Body's Energy Centers

Stephanie is currently authoring her first book on the subject of thriving in the world as an empath.

Bullet Read more about Stephanie

For more information or questions on Earth Embodiment School™, please contact Stephanie Red Feather at 913-515-3271 or




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