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Embrace Your Empath, Embrace Your Soul
A Private Coaching Program for Evolutionary Empaths

Quote Wendy McGrawA Deeper, Greater Understanding...

After completing the private ‘Embrace Your Empath’ program with Stephanie, I have a deeper and greater understanding of myself. The skills she shared and taught have empowered me to handle life challenges with greater ease and success!

Wendy McGraw
Office Manager
Buttonwood Financial Group, LLC


Woman in NatureDear Sensitive Soul,

Square Bullet Are you highly sensitive to the world around you, often to the point of feeling overwhelmed?

Square Bullet Do you have trouble determining where you end and the next person begins?

Square Bullet Is it easy for you to take on other people’s emotions and habits, often without knowing you’ve done it?

Square Bullet Do you get home from work and find yourself exhausted, irritable and emotional when you know you didn’t do anything to make yourself that way?

Square Bullet Are you highly intuitive and know things are going to happen before they happen?

Square Bullet Do you over give, over deliver, or put everyone else’s needs before your own?

Square Bullet Do you have trouble drawing boundaries or saying no?

Square Bullet Have you been labeled “fragile,” “emotional,” “moody,” or “unstable?”

Square Bullet Do you find yourself feeling responsible for other people’s emotions?

Square Bullet Do you FEEL everything?

Square Bullet Do you struggle with self-identity, finding it easier to blend and merge and be what others want you to be?

Square Bullet Do you wonder what your greater purpose is on this planet and how you, and your empathic qualities, can contribute to the evolution of humanity?

If you answered yes to even a few of these questions, I can tell you that you're not alone. Your existence on this planet isn't an anomaly. You aren't being punished and there is nothing - nothing! - wrong with you.

You are part of a burgeoning group of courageous souls here to usher in the next phase of human development — the EVOLUTIONARY EMPATH!

The Night SkyYou comprise a specific energetic physiology — a refine energetic system, if you will — designed to anchor the new human blueprint into the earth's grid. As we collectively move forward on our path of expansion and enlightenment, empaths are here to help our species evolve to the next stage of consciousness. Empaths are uniquely constructed to hold heart-centered consciousness and live in harmonious cooperation with all sentient beings. Moreover, being an empath is our natural state of being in spirit form...but I get ahead of myself :).

In our first years (and often decades) of life, we are usually "unconscious empaths." We don't know we're empaths so we don't recognize or have a context for what we are experiencing. We go through our lives blending and merging with everything and everyone. Most of us tend to be very sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, giving, and compassionate. These are AWESOME traits, but what usually happens is we end up living from the unhealthy aspects of these qualities such as codependence, losing ourselves in relationship, feeling responsible for other people, putting everyone else first, struggling with boundaries and feeling regularly depleted.

Plus, because we don't understand the greater context of our soul purpose, we often wander around feeling lost, disconnected, confused, and misunderstood. So we withdraw. We shove down and armor over our sensitive nature. We wear a mask and pretend we're "normal" (whatever that means). We tend to be natural care-takers, causing us to over-give (because that aspect is accepted and encouraged in our society), and as a consequence we completely deplete ourselves because we don't value self-care and we don't understand what's happening at a subtle energetic level in our relationships.

These patterns make it difficult — if not impossible — to be functional over a sustained period of time, let alone live a fulfilling, passionate, engaged and meaningful life!

That’s why I created the Embrace Your Empath, Embrace Your Soul private coaching program.   

This program is designed especially for you if you want to:

Check Mark Understand exactly what it means to be an empath
Check Mark Use your empathic abilities to your best advantage
Check Mark Be clear and powerful in your ability to say no and draw boundaries
Check Mark Understand the bigger context of why you chose to incarnate on the planet right now
Check Mark Learn effective techniques for managing your energy field and clearing yourself of energies that aren’t yours
Check Mark Apply powerful new mindsets that will forever transform your self-concept and relationship with others
Check Mark Give yourself the gift of radical self-care
Check Mark Make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self
Check Mark Be in control of your emotions
Check Mark Live as a fully embodied human, inhabiting your entire body
Check Mark Significantly boost your self-confidence and stop playing small
Check Mark Walk in consciousness and balance with your inner masculine and feminine
Check Mark Embrace your role as a way-shower in humanity's journey of ascension
Check Mark Want PERSONAL coaching to help you make these life-changing, important breakthroughs

Now more than ever, this planet needs the healing magic of divine feminine energy. The feminine archetype includes the traits of intuition, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, gentleness, collaboration, nurturing, wisdom and grace. As empaths, we have these traits in spades! But for most of us, our life has been dominated by the experience of frustration, despair and confusion that come with codependence, lack of boundaries, and losing our identity. As a result, we haven't been able to fully and purely express these divine feminine gifts in a healthy way.

And, I'll go so far as to say that the masculine qualities that show up for most of us are in the form of the old patriarchy: dominating, controlling, sending constant message that make us feel guilty, outcast and cause us to doubt our gifts and our value. Certainly not what we need to support our huge and sensitive hearts!

If it is common for you to question or blame yourself for your shortcomings, then this is the perfect opportunity to give yourself the gifts of forgiveness and empowerment. Most of us didn’t have models or teachers in our life to show us how to draw clear boundaries, create a solid self-image or manage our sensitive energy fields!

I can show you how to do all of that with my Embrace Your Empath private coaching program. 

Quote Julie D'Auteuil...a leader in this evolving industry.

I I feel this material is a must have for anyone in the alternative healthcare business! Stephanie addresses our unique energetic challenges as light workers with fun, honor and dignity. Her insights of Spirit and business savvy distinguish her as a leader in this evolving industry.

Julie D'Auteuil
Wellness Advocate and Officiant


Quote Slowly Being Reborn

I took the program because I wanted to learn more about myself and how to set boundaries so people don't take advantage of me. My whole life I didn't realize I pulled all these important people into my energy field and when I realized this and removed them I felt empty, transparent, non-existent and didn't know who I was. Now I am slowly being reborn and figuring out what I like and don't like for myself and no one else.

Shannon Lindsey


Quote Allyson AshleyI recently returned to the stage

I had given up giving of my favorite gift because the world of classical ballet was too emotionally painful.  The tools Stephanie shares I am confident are why I am using my personal power to create my life the way I wish it to be.  I recently returned to the stage. I now feel blessed and calm instead of stressed and ravaged.

Allyson Ashley
Ballet Dancer


Quote Goes Deep To The Core

Stephanie's empath program provides you with a multitude of tools you can use to happily thrive as an empath in today's hectic world. Functioning on an experiential level, the course is very engaging in that it goes deep to the core of what it means to be empathic. Furthermore, the course offers a safe space in which one can open to and explore their own empathic nature...a truly great experience.



Quote Sabrina LargenMonumental 'Ahh' Moment

The class was one of those monumental ahh moments when I realized I was perfectly normal for an empath. That I could embrace my behavioral nature with respect and work with it instead of fighting it. It has shifted the way I look at myself and my past in a beautiful way.

Sabrina Largen
Kansas City International Airport Environmental Manager


If you find yourself resonating with this information, then your higher self might be giving you a sign. This private coaching program can help you restore your life, relationships, career and more to a profound level of clarity, peace and acceptance. In turn, this will open the door for you to reclaim your confidence, sense of self, groundedness, and courage to passionately live your soul dream.

It’s time now to stand in your feminine power (men have it, too!) and embrace your evolutionary empath! It’s time to view your empathic abilities as an asset and not a liability and shine your bright light upon the world.

And — my soul sisters and soul brothers — it's time to take your place in the cosmic dance toward humanity's enlightenment. After all, it's why you chose to be here on this planet at this time in our evolution. We are at the turning of the Ages (from Pisces to Aquarius). We are approximately 1500 years into the ascending Bronze Age or Dwapara Yuga. Ancient mysteries, knowledge and wisdom teachings — once lost — are being rediscovered. Time is speeding up. The life cycle of technologies is rapidly shortening and the "ground" we cover in the course of a lifetime would make our pioneering ancestors' brains melt.

You are here because you are supposed to be. No step on your path has been a mistake. Everything has prepared you for this moment. You are an evolutionary empath, here to anchor the new human blueprint into the earth's new consciousness grid. I can help you step into your sovereignty as an empathic emissary.

Are you ready to say yes to your cosmic mission?

In this program I will reveal numerous tools and techniques for skillfully managing your emotions and energy, drawing boundaries, and creating a solid self image so you can make empowered choices in your life and thrive in the world as an empath! This program is also part mystery school in which I will share the bigger picture and context of emerging empaths at this point in human evolution, as well as how you fit into this bigger picture. We will connect to the morphic field of the evolutionary empath to help you draw strength, find your tribe and remember your true nature.

The result will be a happier, healthier you who is more confident, secure, clear in her boundaries, connected to her cosmic mission, grounded in a strong sense of self, and embodied. And you will absolutely know how to use your empathic abilities to your best advantage while engaging in conscious and nurturing self-care.

Why am I so confident that my program can make a real difference in your life? Because I used to be where you are now. I figured out how to thrive as an empath through trial and error and much gnashing of teeth, so you get the benefit of my years of struggle, without the struggle! And, it wasn't until I started writing my empath book (due out in 2019 through Inner Traditions) that I began to get clear about — and really believe in! — our role as empaths at this point in human evolution. I have walked every step of what I will share with you in this program.

Quote Tools To Help Navigate My Life

This has been one of the most helpful courses I've taken to help navigate my life. The tools that I have received from this class will help strengthen me as a person who is an empath, and to use my gift in a constructive way. Thanks Stephanie.

Debbie Bitner
Bus Driver


Quote Becoming More Whole

The work on owning the qualities of being empathic will help me to become more whole; stand in my own space. Stephanie has a calming strength that lets you know you are held as well as looked through, with safety.

Denise Brown, ATR
Art Therapist


Quote Understanding Myself Better

Learning about the traits of an empath helped me to understand myself better and also explained for me some of my ways of being and why I am the way I am. I also appreciate having tools to help me set boundaries and take better care of myself.

Susan Warner
Reiki Master


Before I get to the program content, let me first share a little of my journey...

StephanieI’ve been an empath all my life, but for the first 30 year, I didn’t know it, and I certainly didn’t know how to cope in the world as an empath.  At my lowest points I was in total despair, with no clue who I was, what value I had to offer the world or how to improve my circumstances.  Let me give you a sampling of some of my experiences.

Square Bullet From childhood my mom said I could always tell when someone was unhappy or didn’t feel good and I would crawl up on their lap and try to make them feel better (I did this well into adulthood, minus the lap part.)

Square Bullet I felt everyone’s emotions and thought they were my own (dear god, how did I ever make it through the teen years?) I now call this the “Box Store Syndrome” where you feel fine when you leave the house, then you go to your box store of choice, suck up everybody’s negative energy and by the time you get home you want to divorce your spouse, sell your kids, quit your job and move to another country.

Square Bullet I was highly codependent in my relationships and my first marriage. I even remember saying to my mother about my then husband’s problems: “If I could do it for him, I would.”  (CLASSIC codependence!)

Square Bullet I used to bottle up my emotions and then explode (and often scare myself) because I had no idea how to run the energies through my body and discern what was and wasn’t mine.

Square Bullet I struggled with self-worth and didn’t start developing a strong sense of self until my 30’s. (Imagine the coping mechanisms I had to put in place to endure 10 years in the Air Force!)

Square Bullet Countless times I did not stand up for myself when I clearly had cause to do so (from my landlord keeping my deposit for no justifiable reason to being unfairly fired from a job.)

Square Bullet I would often be strong and have relatively clear boundaries at the beginning of a relationship (romantic partnership, employer/employee, etc.) but then completely lose track of myself as I blended into the relationship and lost my ability to discern where my edges were. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Since taking myself through the content of this course — and practicing it on a daily basis! — I now know how to consciously manage my emotions, draw clear boundaries, communicate effectively, stay out of codependence, determine how I feel about something, and confidently rely on my inner guidance to direct me. And I understand — and embrace — my mission as a way-shower in heart-centered consciousness.

I can help you do the same.

Looking Out At The Sea

So what IS the Embrace Your Empath private coaching program?

Here’s just a sampling of the modules I'll personally coach you through...

Creating a Solid Self-Image
As an empath, most of us create our self-image (and therefore our desires, habits, and values) based on what everyone else wants us to be. I’ll take you through several elegant exercises to help you reveal who YOU are and what YOUR values are independent of the influence of those around you. Plus I’ll give you techniques so you can quickly and effortlessly find your way back to your center when circumstances pull you out of balance. 

Recognizing and Developing Your Gifts
For many of us, our empathic gifts have been a double-edged sword because we don’t know how to turn them off, manage them, or use them to our advantage. In this module you learn what your gifts are and how to develop and maximize them to your greatest advantage.

Tools for Managing Your Energetic Container
This is absolutely crucial to being able to thrive in the world as an empath. We’ll spend a good deal of time discussing all kinds of simple and effective ways to manage your energy field, clear yourself of life-draining energies, and strengthen your energetic “container.”

Making Empowered Choices
Everyone has decisions they’ve made that they aren’t proud of. It’s part of the learning process. As an empath, your decision-making process needs to flow a little differently than the average person. You’ll gain valuable insights into your own process and learn priceless new mindsets to give you the confidence and clarity to make empowered decisions.

Drawing Boundaries, Creating Safety and Saying No
Everyone has boundary issues – it’s part of the human condition. But as empaths it is so easy for us to completely lose sight of where we end and the next person begins because it is our nature to blend and merge. This module has awesome exercises, mindsets and new practices you can put into use immediately to discern and redefine your edges and ask for what you want with confidence, clarity and composure. One of the best components of this is learning how to create your own safety so that you can confidently enter and exit situations with grace and courage.

Becoming a Fully Embodied Human
There is a disembodiment epidemic on our planet. Especially for us as empaths with our highly sensitive make-up, being fully in our bodies is a real challenge! Most people tend to live from the upper chakras, only inhabiting half of themselves and obstructing the flow of vital life force energy. We are both human and divine and nothing happens if we're not in our body to "close the circuit" and be the alchemical conduit through which spirit is manifested into form. For us to accomplish our mission as empathic emissaries, we have to be in our bodies. I will help you tune into your level of embodiment and give you tools and practices for consciously inhabiting yourself from top to bottom.

In-Depth Examination of What an Empath is
In writing my empath book, I took the definition of what it is to be an empath to a whole new level. I will equip you with a solid, detailed definition, including five key qualities of an empath, which will help you understand exactly what an empath is. Plus we'll cover dozens of examples of how these qualities show up in the life of an empath so you can really begin to pinpoint certain behaviors and patterns that show up in your own life. From this vantage point, you can begin to connect the dots and identify the changes you want to make.

Radical Self-Care
As humans, self-care is important. As empaths self-care is critical! It is necessary for us to shift our value system around self-care. It is easy for us to put everyone else first, over-give, and completely deplete ourselves. We cannot conduct our mission of helping humanity raise in vibration and consciousness when we barely have a pulse and our life force is splattered around us like the scene of a bloody crime. We must care for ourselves on an entirely new level. I will help you create new habits to reclaim your life force energy for you and learn the importance of filling your own cup first. (What do you have to give if your cup is empty?)

Quote Propelled Forward

We covered subjects that not only help with my healing practice but also translate into my personal life. Stephanie gives very easy-to-follow action steps that are timed in doable time frames that are not overwhelming. I feel propelled forward with abilities to balance aspects of my personal life and practice with more ease.

Megan Brownlee


Quote My Biggest Breakthrough

My biggest breakthrough was finding many others had the same feelings and gifts as an empath.

Carolyn Moore
Retired Salon Owner


Quote Trusting Myself

The biggest breakthrough I got from this course was the concept of the tool “to trust” myself. I have the word TRUST on my altar – but always thought of it “to trust the Universe”; the idea of trusting myself seems more empowering and important.

Denise Brown, ATR
Art Therapist


Even though this program is packed with tons of content critical for empaths to thrive in the world — and that you won't find anywhere else — I've decided to included a bonus call on top of all the other amazing material you'll receive.

Bonus Call:

You Put Your Left Brain In, You TakeYour Left Brain Out, You Put Your Right Brain In and You Shake it All About

(Or: Walking in Balance With Your Inner Masculine and Feminine)

The Brain

This content is AWESOME (and I promise it won’t be a boring, dry neuro-anatomy lesson!)  Western society is highly programmed to be a left-brain (masculine) dominant society.  But as empaths, many of our gifts originate in the right brain (feminine.) This call will give you the tools to work in unison with your brain’s natural functioning, understand the masculine and feminine qualities, and walk in balance with the masculine and feminine principles. 

VALUE: $199

These awarenesses and practices are so vital for empaths to have and I don't see very many people offering this material. It is highly valuable content that will change how you approach your life and how you relate to everything around you. And most of all, it will help you understand that you are not crazy and you are not alone and, furthermore, that you are here on this planet for a very specific reason - to help humanity advance to the next level of consciousness.

In This Program You Will Receive:

Square Bullet 10 60-minute private coaching sessions

Square Bullet One bonus session (Walking in Balance With Your Inner Masculine and Feminine)

Square Bullet Handouts, exercises, guided meditations, journaling questions and homeplay activities

Square Bullet Personalized assignments and activities designed for your specific life circumstances

Square Bullet A seasoned coach with a huge toolbox and personal experience walking in your shoes

Square Bullet Three built-in breaks from the call schedule so you have time to integrate and focus on your assignments and energy practices

Square Bullet Space holding for the entire three-month period; a sacred container of support as you move through your transformation

Square Bullet "Unscripted" time through the program for personalized coaching tailored to your needs and challenges

I want to make it easy for you to say yes, so I have priced this program at a very fair price. I can even finance your payments if that options is better for your budget.

The investment for the full private Embrace Your Empath program — including all the handouts, one-on-one delivery, personal coaching, and the bonus call... three months of private coaching! — is $1,597. If you would like me to finance your payments, you can make three payments of only $555.

Yes, I want to pay for the private Embrace Your Empath coaching program in one payment of $1,597:

Please finance my private Embrace Your Empath coaching program in three monthly payments of $555:

Are you ready to draw clear and powerful boundaries, significantly boost your self-confidence, expertly manage your energy field, learn how to give yourself radical self-care, and make empowered decisions grounded in a strong sense of self, and embrace your cosmic mission as a carrier of the new human blueprint? Your inner empath is waiting to be embraced!

Stephanie Red Feather

Call Schedule

This program consists of ten 60-minute calls conducted over a 14-week period, plus a bonus call. (Schedule can be tailored to fit your needs.)

Week #1: Kickoff call

Week #2: Call

Week #3: Call

Week #4: Break (no call)

Week #5: Call

Week #6: Call

Week #7: Call

Week #8: Break (no call)

Week #9: Call

Week #10: Call

Week #11: Call

Week #12: Break (no call)

Week #13: Call

Week #14: Bonus and completion call




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