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Smudge Fans & Medicine Pieces:

Use the "View High-Res Image" link accompanying each item to view a more detail high-resolution of the piece. (High-resolution images may take a moment or two to load in a new web browser tab/window.) If you want to make a purchase or have any questions, contact me at (913) 515-3271 or Items are sold on a first come first served basis, so please contact me as soon as possible to ensure you reserve the one(s) you want. I also make fans on commission if you have a special request or if you have items of your own you would like me to incorporate.

1A   1A Details
Turkey partial wing on leather with fox face and hand-cut fringe - $80   View High-Res Image

Fan 2   Fan 2 Details
Macaw and pheasant on leather with red jasper and hand-cut fringe - $36   View High-Res Image

Fan 3   Fan 3 Details
Turkey on leather with feather fringe and butterfly - $36   View High-Res Image

Fan 4   Fan 4 Details
Peacock on cholla wood with mink, jaw bone, horse hair and citrine - $39   View High-Res Image

Fan 5   Fan 5 Details
Turkey Vulture with beaded trim, crystals and hand-cut fringe - $50   View High-Res Image

Fan 7   Fan 7 Details
Canada Goose with rabbit fur, abalone, aquamarine and fringe - $36   View High-Res Image

Fan 8   Fan 8 Details
Turkey partial wing on leather with horse hair, rabbit fur, and beaded 4-directions medallion - $55   View High-Res Image

Fan 9   Fan 9 Details
Canada Goose "V" fan on cholla wood with fur, crystal & 5-point star - $38   View High-Res Image

Fan 10   Fan 10 Details
Canada Goose on cholla wood with beaver fur and red trim & beads - $36   View High-Res Image

Fan 11   Fan 11 Details
Blue heron with rabbit fur and amethyst - $36   View High-Res Image

12   Staff Details
Staff of 3 beaver chewed limbs with fox and beaded detail - $48   View High-Res Image







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