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How To Make Decisions With Your Heart

CD LabelDo you long to get back in touch with your heart and remember how to use it to guide you in your daily life?

As we move forward on our collective path of ascension, we are evolving from a time of being ruled by the “head” into a time of being heart-centered. For those of us eager to step into the new consciousness, it can be scary because we don’t have a lot of models or mentors to help us through this transition.

Plus, for many in Western society, using our heart (or feelings) to guide us has been devalued and trained out of us. But I promise you, it’s not hard to restore that connection.

In this downloadable recording, I start by giving you a brief explanation of the difference between the head and the heart (using the masculine and feminine archetype – or left brain and right brain) to give you a context. The guided meditation then takes you through a powerful visualization that you can apply to ANY decision you are trying to make. You can use this meditation over and over in any decision – no matter how large or small!

This powerful guided meditation is only $9.00 to download.


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