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Meet Stephanie Red Feather  

 A Bit About My Own Journey

I did not always have “all the answers!"
(And still don't.)

My spiritual journey began in 2000 when I experienced a mild depression. I saw a counselor, simplified my life, tried (and immediately rejected) medication, and made a few profound discoveries about myself and my patterns that allowed me to relax and gain a new perspective on how to move forward. After about nine months or so, life seemed to be “back on track.” Turns out it was just the pre-quake tremors.

My awakening began, in earnest, in 2002 when I separated from the Air Force after 10 years and started my own financial planning business. I fully expected this would be my career for the next decade or more...I quit after 5 ½ months.

After that, I could no longer hold back the floodgates of change. My carefully laid plans and expectations were destroyed. Everything began to fall apart. In addition to embarking (and then disembarking) on a new career, my marriage began to fall apart. My financial stability began to crumble. It felt like everything I valued or counted on as solid somehow betrayed me. What I thought was “truth” was a façade, an illusion. I began to be stripped of everything I thought I knew.

As I traveled through the experiences of my own awakening, I can tell you I never thought I’d make it to the other side – I couldn’t even imagine what the other side looked like! I cried, I screamed, I wallowed in despair and doubt, I shouted at God and I was sure I would never figure out how to control my emotions. For the first five years I was on an intensely accelerated path of transformation. I often describe that period of time as living a hundred years in the space of five.

My business was born from the depths of my darkness...
Through allowing myself to be vulnerable, to be stripped of everything I thought I knew, to surrender to my own psychic death, I gathered nuggets of profound wisdom, confidence, and self-actualization. And a new awareness emerged. I had learned tools, powerful truths and new concepts that allowed me to live in greater harmony with the world around me (instead of forcing everything), to accept and love myself, to trust my intuition, to tame the voices of dissent in my own head, and to ultimately trust myself.

I sought out teachers and processes to help me take these practices to the next level and anchor them solidly in my own being and in my daily walk. And it became clear that I had a deep desire to share what I had learned – to make others' paths easier.

Now I teach these concepts, tools and principles to my clients and students. Tools such as:

bulletHow to thrive in the world as an empath

bulletHow to face your money shadow and unlock the key to your abundance

bulletHow to walk in balance with the divine feminine and masculine

bulletHow to manage your energy field

bulletHow to be a fully embodied human being (instead of just living in the upper chakras)

bulletHow to listen to your intuition

bulletHow to trust yourself (lack of trust in things outside of you points to lack of trust in yourself)

bulletHow to draw boundaries and say no

bulletHow to speak your truth and ask for what you need

bulletHow to walk in integrity, own your projections, and admit when you are wrong

bulletHow to acknowledge, accept and embrace your shadow with grace

bulletHow to engage in radical self-care (and why putting yourself first is so important)

bulletHow to tune into the subtle energies and the unseen realms for guidance and validation

I am not afraid to go to those dark places with you...
Stephanie In Touch With NatueI have learned to walk in the underworld of fear. I have been held in love by others as I literally kicked and screamed and revealed what I deemed to be horribly unlovable parts of myself. I have learned that this “shadow” is where our deepest and most profound healing lies. I have many years of training to hold impeccable space for people so that they can access those same places of darkness, shadow and fear and, in so doing, access their greatest transformation and wholeness!

People are attracted to working with me because on some level they know that I am not afraid to go to those dark places with them. No matter how atrocious or shocking your past is, I will not judge you. I will show you how to love yourself until you are able to do it on your own. I will stand beside you as we open the door to your inner world of shadow, which, quite simply, is just the disowned, unloved parts of yourself.

I will continue to lead by example...
I am an edge-walker and an intensity junkie. Since my time in the “crucible,” I have devoted myself to becoming a self-actualized, fully awakened human being, which I embrace daily as a journey and not a destination. So I know what it is to be a spiritual warrior – on the front lines, taking flack, charging up the hill not knowing what is on the other side, paving the way for those to come behind me in safety.

I operate on the premise that to be of value to my clients, I have to keep growing, too. Every epiphany I experience today comes directly to you tomorrow. Every “aha” moment I have gets funneled immediately into my work with clients. I don’t hold anything back from you. I live my life as living example.

You are a full spectrum human being...
Our mission as human beings is to learn how to bring our connection with Spirit down all the way into our body. To fully inhabit ourselves--the muck, the beauty, the fear, the love, the agony, the ecstasy, and everything in between. To feel our feelings. To ride the sublime roller coaster of the natural rhythms and cycles of our human existence. To embrace the exquisite joy and agony of our frailty and our magnificence. To be a human bridge between heaven and earth, spirit and matter.

If our intention was only to experience our spiritual connection, then what is the point of incarnating in the first place? We could have just stayed in spirit form.

Our earth walk is hard and we can make it supremely easier by accepting that being human is a full-spectrum experience. As one of my teacher’s says “The light, the dark, no difference.” The spiritual connection work is easy. But learning to be a fully embodied human being means we have to dive down into our shadow, into our pain, into our greatest woundings. That is where the key to our transformation lies. That is why I do this work.  


What Is A Shaman?

  Stephanie and Oscar
Stephanie and Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

"A shaman is one who develops a personal and intimate relationship with the unseen world for the purpose of being of service as a healer. This relationship is cultivated experientially through self-induced altered states of consciousness, ceremony and refined energetic awareness.

"Shamanism is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice grounded in a reverent awareness that the world is animated, conscious and energetically interdependent. The shaman’s task is to come into right relationship and reverent communion with the seen and unseen world so as to mediate between worlds on behalf of the community or individual." ~ Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

"The role of the shaman throughout time has been to delve fearlessly into the underworld to retrieve our wholeness. There in the world of the unconscious the shaman uncovers the missing pieces of our personal life’s puzzle, gracefully recovering each missing piece; and when we place it carefully into its rightful place in our life, we watch transfixed as all the other parts of the puzzle re- assemble themselves into a whole new life’s map that spreads out before us." ~ Chris Waters


Stephanie is a master at navigating and illuminating the hidden realm of emotions and energetic patterns. Wherever you experience pain or resistance in your life – whether it be in relationship, career, finances, sexuality, health or other areas – you can be sure there is an underlying emotional/energetic pattern or aspect of your shadow self that needs revealing and transforming.

Through a vast array of psychological, energetic, emotional, intuitive and shamanic techniques, Stephanie is then able to quickly cut through the fog of confusion and stagnation to the root of your issue and help you transform it!

Stephanie is highly attuned to the subtle frequencies and her specialty is the emotional and energetic bodies. She is a master at drawing forth that which is hidden or obscured to be healed and integrated. Being an empath, she has learned the hard way how to manage her energy field and draw boundaries. This hard-earned wisdom is now highly sought after as practical teachings.

She is gifted at creating sacred space and making esoteric concepts accessible and practical. She uses a unique blend of intuition, life experience and no-nonsense practicality to facilitate those who seek her guidance.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, students and workshop participants, Stephanie skillfully navigates the unseen realms to serve the individual, the circle and the planet.

Stephanie is a Magdalene High Priestess, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher, member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching, certified Spiritual Healer, and a shamanic practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru. She is currently working on her Master's Degree in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies.

Additionally she is a certified Money Breakthrough Method™ coach and a prolific creator of workshops and materials including:

Bullet How To Thrive As An Empath

Bullet The Loving Money Mastery Course

Bullet A Day With Your Inner Shaman

Bullet The Shamanic Dance of Transformation

Bullet New Year's Spiritual Renewal

Bullet How to Clear Yourself & Your Home Space

Bullet How to Make Decisions With Your Heart: A Guided Meditation

Bullet My 30-Day Wealth Building Workbook

Bullet Turn Your Chakras Into Cash: 7 Ways to Make More Money Using the Power of Your Body's Energy Centers

Bullet and has several other programs and products currently in development, including a new mystery school to debut in late 2016.

Military Service

Though it seems like a "lifetime ago," the 10 years I spent as an Air Force Officer really helped shape who I am now.

Stephanie In The Millitary

On The Personal Side, My Passions Include...

Horses!... working out... hiking... being in nature... creating art... rocks and minerals... my cats... riding dressage... bird watching... food of all nationalities... jewelry... gardening... my husband...

How I Became Red Feather

The Red FeatherOn July 30, 2006, I experienced a deep healing session with a shaman friend of mine, Gary Langston. I had recently divorced and my life was in major transition. Much was shifting for me as I was releasing volumes that no longer served and had begun defining – consciously, very deliberately – what I wanted to manifest in my emerging self and new life.

The session took me through elements of releasing my ex-husband, addressing anger with my father, and cutting cords. It was visceral and powerful. Near the end of the session, as I was standing on a sacred buffalo hide facing East, I began to have a vision. I saw Native Americans in ceremonial dress dancing around me. The sky was deep indigo with stars everywhere. I was standing in the middle of the circle, in a great bonfire, but it was neither hot nor painful. It was cleansing and transformative. My focus narrowed to the man dancing directly in front of me who was wearing a full ceremonial headdress. But his was different than the others. It was made entirely of red feathers and extended nearly to the ground. He was in profile, facing to my right. All of a sudden, as though a force hit me, I knew what this meant.

I was being given a name. A spirit name. MY spirit name. Red Feather.

As soon as I realized this I spoke up and Gary asked me to come forth and declare my name out loud. I stood – feeling tall as a Ponderosa, my eyes open and clear, my body balanced and grounded – and declared: “I…AM…RED…FEATHER.” I couldn’t stop smiling. It felt so good! What a gift!

To commemorate this powerful initiation, Gary gifted me with a stunning, pristine tail feather from a Red-tailed Hawk. That feather is what you see on this page and is the talisman for my work. I knew when I created my business that I wanted this sacred name to be a part of it…and Red Feather Connections was born.

Fast forward to 2011 when my beloved, Joe, and I were in preparation for our wedding ceremony in October of that year. I no longer subscribe to the practice of a woman taking her husband's last name, but did not want to take Roth, my previous husband's name, into my new marriage. Neither did I want to go back to my maiden name as I was complete with it as well. Through many signs and validations from spirit, it became abundantly clear that I was being asked to step into my spirit name in a whole new way -- adopting it as my legal last name.

It was scary for me to try on Red Feather as my legal last name. I'm very sensitive to the unique frequency of words, and so taking on that name was not something I considered lightly. I knew who Stephanie Roth was, but I wasn't sure who Stephanie Red Feather would be. It became clear that I was not going to get "comfortable" with the name as a prerequisite to the legal process of changing it. I realized that taking on this name was going to be an initiation -- a process of getting to know exactly who Stephanie Red Feather is over a period of time.

It was a leap of faith -- one I'm so glad I had the courage to take.

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Stephanie will be co-facilitating a new Priestess Process circle with Lyn Fifield and Anita Slusher. To learn more about this life-changing experience, including free previews, CLICK HERE.

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