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At this time I do not have a date set for the next offering of this program. The content below is from the most recent time this program was offered so that you may still get a feel for what it includes and if it calls to you. If you would like to participate the next time this program is offered, please contact me with your interest and I'll put you on a list. Thank you!

What's Your Money Motivation?

MoneyJoin me for an afternoon as I share my experience and wisdom around our relationship with money. Learn what the driving force is behind every action you take around money to help you identify your blind spots. From that foundation I will show you how you can begin to replace disempowering habits with empowering new beliefs and actions.

Dear wealth seeker,

Have you ever found yourself engaging in any of these behaviors?

Check Box Giving away money you don’t have
Check Box Overworking in a perpetual quest to create greater security
Check Box Giving people multiple chances regarding money even when they’ve already proven themselves untrustworthy
Check Box Feeling shame and guilt because of past or current money decisions
Check Box Not being able to build up your savings
Check Box Buying expensive items regardless of your current bank balance
Check Box Spending money to belong or feel connected or loved
Check Box Hoping someone will take care of it for you or rescue you
Check Box Blaming others for what has happened
Check Box Accepting clients or work just for the money
Check Box Responding slowly to difficult money situations so a small loss becomes a bigger one
Check Box Hoarding
Check Box Being taken advantage of by others
Check Box Attracting relationships with people who frequently need a helping hand or take advantage of you
Check Box Self-denial
Check Box Creating debt as a result of things "just happening" to you
Check Box Avoid knowing how much you spend or have in debt

There are a LOT of disempowered money behaviors we engage in as people and, if left unchecked and unrecognized, these behaviors can create huge debt, repeated self-sabotage, endless frustration, feelings of helplessness and an empty bank account.

Heart and MoneySo if your internal “ooh, that’s me” meter is pinging right now, then you know you have some money shadow that needs to be illuminated and healed.  (And by the way – there’s nothing wrong with you.  We ALL have money blind spots!)

In fact, there are five different money types and in this free presentation you’ll learn EXACTLY which money type you are!

Further, I will share with you the specific core desire of your money type and how that translates into the fundamental beliefs and actions you take around money.

Awareness is 95% of the battle!  Once you know how you’re wired (your internal money motivation), then you know what situations to avoid, what triggers to watch for and, most importantly, what to do instead!

And as a bonus, I will share with you two critical mindsets that I usually save for my private clients. These concepts will help shift your perspective so that you can bring your energy, your intentions and your actions into alignment to powerfully manifest the abundance you desire - and deserve!

So please join me to discover the driving force behind every action you take around money so you can identify your blind spots and replace disempowering habits with empowering new beliefs and actions!

This is powerful, practical information that anyone can use, so please feel free to invite your spouse, partner, friends, family, co-workers, boss -- anyone you know who wants to make more money, save more money and get off of the money merry-go-round.

Event Details

Sunday, March 6

Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: My office at 7211 NW 83rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64152, Suite 230 (Inside Northland Chiropractic Office)

Investment: Your time and presence

Please RSVP to me at so I know how many to prepare for.



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