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My 30-Day Wealth
Building Workbook

Workbook CoverThis product will be retired as of January 1, 2018 so be sure to get a copy now. I am offering it at over a 40% discount off the regular price!

Are you ready to claim the wealth that is your divine birthright?

This downloadable workbook is more than just a 30-day exercise to expand your conscious relationship with money.  It is designed to be used every month to cultivate and streamline your daily wealth building practice to attract more money in your life in just a few minutes a day!

These are the very same daily exercises I give to my one-on-one clients and that I use myself.

My clients have created all manner of abundance including raises and promotions to all-expenses-paid workplace training, a 264 point swing on their credit score and long-given-up-on borrowed money being paid back!

And now you get the benefit of my coaching and expertise in a very affordable and highly effective workbook, where I have condensed some of the key principles and mindsets that I share with my clients to help them make – and keep – more money.

And I wouldn’t be me without including a couple of bonuses in the workbook.

To give you an opportunity to dive deeper into your subconscious beliefs around money, I created 30 days of journaling questions designed to give you the opportunity to explore your relationship, influences and values around money.

And, if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also included some monthly and twice-monthly activities if you want to take your practice to a higher level.  Again, these are the very activities I do myself and give to my clients as well.

You get all of this in an easy-to-use downloadable format for only $13.00! (Regular price, $22).




Voice Dialogue
I'm currently offering discounted sessions for this technique through which we can talk to any part of your psyche. This mehod is super revealing and can lead to great personal transformation.

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