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New Year's Spiritual Renewal

RenewalGive yourself the gift of deep clearing, an honest inventory and crystal-clear intentions for the coming year!

We live in a world of cycles. As conscious participants in this earth mystery school, we recognize that there are natural timings and rhythms to our life. Multiple death and rebirth cycles. Times to let go and times to make room for the new. Times to be in action and times to be in stillness.

This workshop honors and aligns with the solar cycle and the changing of the year. This is a natural time for us to reflect on all we accomplished (and didn't accomplish) the previous year, a time to listen to where we are being called as we step into the New Year and an opportunity to build crystal-clear intentions around our intuitive guidance and dreams.

Bullet Are you ready – really ready – to release what no longer serves you?
Bullet Have you been craving a deeply cleansing re-connection to your higher self?
Bullet Do you appreciate having guided facilitation so you don't have to do all the thinking nor deal with the disruptions and distractions of daily life?
Bullet Does your soul have something to tell you that you have been ignoring?
Bullet Are you ready to embody a higher frequency of light and welcome your divine blueprint?
Bullet Have you been yearning for some personal time to reflect, get quiet and tend to your inner world?
Bullet Is it time to embrace the bigness that you are being called forward into?
Bullet Would it feel yummy to get away from the normal daily routine and give yourself permission to focus an entire day just on you?
Bullet Would you benefit from setting clear intentions and priorities to make 2016 much easier to navigate?

Join me in sacred circle for a powerful day of completion and renewal. This workshop is an artful combination of guided exercises, group sharing, personal exploration, living ceremony, journal writing, meditation and creative art to release and complete what no longer serves you, clearing the energetic pathways for you to receive the new and be able to fully embody your divine frequency.

Through skillfully created exercises, you will be able to get clear about what your priorities are, how much energy you have been leaking and what you've been using to distract yourself from the dreams that really matter to you.

Spiritual In Your Eyes

In addition, we will work within the ceremonial window of the New Moon. How perfect as new moons support the energy of beginnings, birthing, intention-setting and manifesting. This will be a potent window of activation!

The day's events will conclude with the creation of a personally meaningful art piece designed to synthesize and hold the frequency of all the significant moments and messages that occurred during the day, including communication from your guides, aha's, priorities, inspirations, dreams and more. This piece will carry your intentions forward and serve as inspiration throughout the year.

I like to make use of an altar during many of my programs, so please feel free to bring any medicine pieces, statues, crystals, stones, flowers or sacred objects to place on the community altar for the day.


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