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Priestess Process™
Registration for my current circle has closed. If you are interested in participating in a future circle, please contact me and I will happily add to the interest list for my next circle.

Quote I feel like a woman reborn!

[The Priestess Process] has helped me cover leaps and bounds in my personal life and relationships and in my relationship to myself. I am showing up stronger, brighter and more fully myself as a result of the work we did over the course of 9 months. I feel like a woman reborn!

~ Devin Gerling, Sisterhood of the Rainbow Web


Infusion of Isis EnergyThe Priestess Process, in its essence, is an apprenticeship to the Goddess. If you think of what apprenticeship means, it always includes "hands on" experience, which I like to think of as direct experience. Through self-initiation into these mysteries, you are choosing to explore, deepen and strengthen the direct relationship with your Creator, and specifically, the feminine aspect. In so doing, you explore, deepen and strengthen your relationship with yourself, becoming more solid and clear in who you are and who you came here to be.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on the spiritual path for decades or are just beginning to awaken, the Embodied Priestess Process™ holds the next level of healing, growth and expansion for you. Whatever you are being called to step into next on your journey, this process is the vehicle that will support you and give you the practical tools to get there. The world needs your wisdom and grace, your unique!

Activating your priestess self will awaken the dormant or undeveloped gifts and qualities you need to support you in your highest growth and most authentic expression. And you will learn practical life skills you can apply every day to make a greater, more impactful contribution to the world around you, while experiencing more joy and fulfillment in all you do. Through the Embodied Priestess Process you will learn to truly be the bridge, anchoring heaven on earth.

Bullet Are you ready to be a leader in your life?
Bullet Are you ready to model - for yourself and others - the divine feminine and masculine living together in conscious equal partnership?
Bullet Do you long for a community that will support you and love you in your expansion, no matter how big you get?
Bullet Does your heart long for deep releasing and healing of old patterns in a safe and sacred container of the divine feminine?
Bullet Are you ready to claim – in your bones – that YOU are your own spiritual authority
Bullet Do you desire to embrace life as living ceremony and every act as sacred?
Bullet Do you have difficulty relating to, accepting or expressing your own feminine side?
Bullet Do you want to learn how to overcome the triggers that constantly knock you off your center?
Bullet Are you ready to make a more meaningful contribution to the world around you?
Bullet Do you desire to live a more authentic life, in integrity with your own sense of self and purpose?
Bullet Does the idea of sacred sisterhood elicit a sense of “coming home?”

Then you are in the right place. The Embodied Priestess Process™ fully awakens, activates and integrates a woman’s inner priestess. The frequency of this process is a living field of consciousness which draws forth the authentic self. It is a journey into wholeness.

Quote Years of therapy never touched the root of the matter,
but the Priestess Process did!

The entire process has been so much more incredible than I ever could have dreamed possible. I have finally begun to step into my true power — my true spiritual being as a divine feminine body. The work was hard, but in that hardship, there was always love and support to back it up, by Spirit, by the group, and by my own self. Years of therapy never touched the root of the matter, but the Priestess Process did.

~ Geula Goose, The Unburnt SixStars of the Flame


Quote This process reconnected me with myself

Before participating in the Priestess Process I was not very grounded. I spent a lot of time placing others before me and not participating in self-care. I just kinda moved through life without feeling. I was existing. The fear of rejection ruled my life. Going through this process reconnected me with myself. The lessons and tools given to me have changed my life tremendously and I am confident they will carry and assist me on my path to enlightenment and enjoying this embodied experience called life.

~ Jessica Davis, The Unburnt SixStars of the Flame


Quote One of the most powerful and touching experiences

One of the most powerful and touching experiences for me was to just be supported and allowed (not judged) to experience what was mine and what was not mine. To be with women, who are just there, to hold space for my experience, without judgment AND for me to experience it for my sisters as well.

~ Angie Fox, The Unburnt SixStars of the Flame


Set in the arms of the Divine Mother, you will be able to explore and express all aspects of yourself with freedom and candor in the safety of the sacred container held by your circle of sisters.

So you might be wondering, "Is this process just about spiritual growth? Or is it about learning practical life skills and tools that I can apply in my daily life?"


The priestess process activates a person at two different levels simultaneously...

In the area of personal growth and spiritual development the process provides a safe container for:

Bullet healing emotional and spiritual wounds Bullet developing self-trust
Bullet giving yourself permission to express your feelings and desires Bullet recognizing and embracing the natural rhythms and cycles of life
Bullet releasing shame Bullet unleashing your creativity
Bullet becoming more embodied Bullet engaging in regular self-care
Bullet being fully present Bullet owning your truth
Bullet stepping into your power Bullet recognizing what is and is not yours to do
Bullet understanding, connecting to and consciously expressing both the masculine and feminine Bullet practicing vulnerability

In the area of practical, applicable life skills the process provides an opportunity to practice:

Bullet owning your projections Bullet holding space for another
Bullet recognizing and staying out of co-dependence Bullet active listening
Bullet energy containment Bullet accepting and embracing your shadow
Bullet asking for what you need Bullet creating ceremony
Bullet listening to and trusting your intuition Bullet saying no
Bullet recognizing when you are triggered or regressed Bullet drawing boundaries

All of these are tools and skills that apply directly to every relationship in your life!

So how in the world does the process accomplish ALL THIS?

PortalThrough a highly integrated approach that employs teachings, modeling, role-playing and direct experience as well as ceremony, journaling, art, movement, group sharing, structured writing and more, initiates will get to explore, investigate and practice all of these aspects simultaneously. It is a highly accelerated environment where growth and change occur rapidly! It is not uncommon to have the experience of time speeding up where two days in linear time equals weeks or even months or years in spiritual development time. Women who show up to this are ready to do their spiritual work!

We are multi-dimensional beings. Each time we engage the specific energies we call upon to support and guide us through this process, we will be activated and downloaded on multiple levels in multiple dimensions. Our very DNA will be "turned on" as the wisdom teachings and mysteries residing within this sentient energetic field transmit to us the ancient wisdom that has been held in the collective "higher self" for centuries. These ancient wisdom teachings went underground and have been hidden and kept secret by their devoted keepers, waiting for a time when they could be safely disseminated into welcoming hearts once again...hearts that will hold these teachings as sacred...hearts that understand how to embody the teachings in this new age.

Now, at this dawn of higher consciousness, when the Divine Feminine is making her full return, we are called to participate in holding the frequency for the New Earth vision of ourselves and our planet. Priestess circles empower women to walk in the underworld of their own fears to gain power, playful passion, magnetism, and an ability to manifest their heart’s deepest desires. And they empower women to re-member: to call back to themselves the parts of the feminine that have been splintered, fractioned, exiled, rejected and violated, scattered throughout time and space. To remember that each woman IS the divine in human form. To remember a time when the masculine and feminine were revered and celebrated as equals. To remember that she is whole and complete unto herself.

Women who participate in this process experience a wealth of tangible, real-world, life-changing benefits:

Bullet A deeper sense of connection to themselves and their divine purpose
Bullet Empowerment within and without, allowing them to fully express their authentic selves
Bullet The ability to determine when they have slipped into old patterns and immediately make a new positive, supportive choice
Bullet The release from victim energies and a true experience of themselves as creator of their own world
Bullet Having the courage to step into the higher role to which they are being called
Bullet Walking through life, complete and whole unto themselves, no longer seeking others to "fill the hole"
Bullet Relating to themselves as a leader, a trail-blazer, an advocate and a wise woman - a unique and exquisite goddess embodied who genuinely has something meaningful to contribute
Bullet Clarity of purpose and the ability to discern what is worth their time and energy and what is not
Bullet Freedom to express themselves fully, to speak their truth, to live the life of their highest dreams


Keep reading for more information and how to register...

Overview of the Series

Priestess Circle

The Embodied Priest~ess Process™ will create an opening for an entirely new, direct spiritual experience in which you as an initiate will:

  • Align with your own inner spiritual authority and co-creative divinity

  • Work with the power of sacred intent

  • Co-create living ceremony

  • Self proclaim as priestess to the world upon fulfillment of the initiatory cycle

Initiates meet seven weekends over a period of nine months.  In addition to our seven weekends, transitional gatherings with a specific theme are held between each weekend. These transitional meetings are on your own with your priestess circle with the intention of facilitating bonding of the circle. These gatherings encourage the priestesses to embrace their sacred work in daily life during and after the Embodied Priestess Process™.

Weekend One – Special Introductory Weekend
November 12-13, 2016, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. both days

The New Priest~ess

This first weekend is designed to allow you to experience the energies without committing to the entire nine month process.  We explore the ancient future roles of the Priestess as wisdom keeper and Guardian of Universal Mysteries and invite the Priestess oversoul to guide our process. We connect with the Divine Feminine within ourselves and each other, recognizing the divine spark each initiate carries. Through music, movement, journaling and sharing we dive deeply into personal truths and prepare for the birth of our Priestess Self.

This weekend includes an orientation to the overall process and explanation of what it means to be a Priestess in these times as well as a special rite of passage ceremony honoring the moon mysteries.

Celestial timings during this weekend: We begin our 9-month journey within the period of the Orionids and Leonids meteor showers.

Weekend 2: January 7-8, 2017
Initiation & The Shadow

Through deliberate preparation and ceremony, participants are initiated fully into the process, activating the priestess frequency within themselves and the circle. A celebratory feast will conclude the initiation ceremony. Initiates will be introduced to the concepts of shadow and projections, learning how to identify when they are acting from a place of shadow or projection, and working with these aspects of themselves to integrate them back into their consciousness. Initiates will also be given essential tools for communicating with one another while recognizing and owning their projections.

Celestial timings during this weekend: Mercury will be ending its retrograde cycle on January 8.

Weekend 3: February 18-19, 2017
Telling Our Stories

This weekend is a treasured bonding experience for the circle as each woman shares the story of her earth walk. Initiates will learn how to listen and receive deeply, as well as tools for enforcing energetic boundaries.

Celestial timings during this weekend: We will be in an eclise portal, between the eclipses occurring on Feb 10 and Feb 26.

Weekend 4: April 8-9, 2017
Sacred Marriage & Feminine Archetypes

Through the archetypes of Shamanic Astrology, initiates will be introduced to multiple aspects of themselves, their lineage and the patterns they chose to experience in this lifetime. This is always an eye-opening, epiphany-filled weekend! And, after various activities to explore and understand the qualities of the masculine and feminine and blueprint of the divine masculine/feminine, initiates will co-create their own sacred marriage ceremony.

Celestial timings during this weekend: On April 7 Jupiter will be in opposition of the sun at its closest approach to earth. Mercury goes retrograde on April 9.

Weekend 5: May 20-21, 2017
Conscious Death & Masculine Archetypes

As priestesses, we recognize and embrace the death and rebirth mysteries, knowing cycles of death and rebirth are a regular occurence in our lives. Through ceremony, initiates will deliberately walk through a conscious death, dying to their old selves and releasing all that no longer serves.

Celestial timings during this weekend: The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be in process.

Weekend 6: July 8-9, 2017
Rebirth and Integration

Having been in the void space, the place between the ending of one thing and the beginning of another, initiates will then experience their rebirth, creating the new self they will then step into. This weekend provides an opportunity to more fully integrate all of the spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical ground that has been covered since the beginning of the process and a chance to address special topics.

Celestial timings during this weekend: July 8 is a full moon.

Weekend 7: August 19-20, 2017
Emergence of the Sacred Priestess Self

This weekend is focused on completion of the initiatory cycle and final preparations for the circle's public emergence ceremony, where they declare themselves as Priestess to the World! Initiates will create conscious closure of this 9-month initiatory process, with an opportunity to review and summarize all they have experienced during the journey.

Celestial timings during this weekend: A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21. This eclipse will travel almost directly overhead in the Kansas City area. The circle will discuss the possibility of collectively driving to a specific location to witness the eclipse on Monday and perform ceremony. We will also be in the window of the Perseids meteor shower.


In addition to the process, your tuition also includes the following bonuses:

- Two private 60-minute sessions with Stephanie. The vast majority of women who experience the process request additional support outside of circle weekends. These two private sessions can be used any time you need extra support or coaching during the 9-month process. (Additional support is available through the purchase of spiritual coaching packages.) You are highly encouraged to take advantage of this personal support as unused sessions will be forfeited after the process is complete.

- Energetic support for the entire 9-month period. Stephanie will be holding space for each of you as individuals and as a circle during the entire process, not just on the weekends that you meet. She will be tending to the energies and carefully guiding each initiate and the circle as a whole through open communion with the her divine guides, your higher selves and the priestess frequency.

- Bi-weekly "ticklers" to keep you engaged in your process. Stephanie will send email communications to the circle sharing journaling questions, concepts to ponder, explorations to take into meditation/dream time, ideas for ceremony, suggested optional reading and more. All are designed to support you in your process.

- A carefully selected medicine piece as an emergence gift. Stephanie loves to give gifts and each initiate will receive a special medicine piece during the emergence weekend that will be individualized for each woman.

- A CD of your "Telling Your Stories" weekend songs. You'll learn more about this later!

- An extensive suggested reading list of books related to topics that will be discussed during the process. Reading assignments are not required, but there are many excellent books that can add to your understanding and experience of the process.

- A photo CD of the entire nine-month process. With your permission, Stephanie takes photos each weekend and compiles them into a disk as a gift for each priestess. CDs will be delivered within two months of the completion of the process.

- A professional photographer during your Emergence ceremony and a CD of photos from Emergence, to be delivered within two months of the completion of the process.

The value of all of these bonuses is well over $1500.00!!!

Tuition and Payment Options

Your investment for this life-transforming 9-month journey is $1,855. If you would like to pay for the entire series before it begins, we offer a 10% discount. Please see below for all your payment options.

I am calling forth a committed group of soul journeyers to enter into these divine feminine mysteries. Due to the fact that this will be a closed group, each participant is required to keep their financial agreement for the entire series (after the introductory weekend) as I will not be adding additional initiates once we have begun this very special journey.

Because of the deep nature of this work, only initiates who are fully committed to completion are accepted. No refunds are issued for this type of program and once you make a commitment, you are responsible for the full program fees regardless of completion.

While the process is designed to challenge you, it is extremely rare for an initiate to not complete the process. However, should you find yourself for any reason unable to complete your sacred journey, you MUST have an in-person session with Stephanie to close the initiation process.

Miscellaneous expenses during this nine-month process may include ceremonial supplies and attire, food for community meals and optional books and music.

Stephanie asks participants to be registered no later than Saturday, November 5 as she will need the week prior to the initial weekend to work with the energies of the circle in preparation for the 9-month journey together.

There are several payment options for you to choose from. In all options a $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the circle and must be received on or before Saturday, November 5, 2016.

To register, simply choose your payment option below. Don't hesitate to contact Stephanie at if you have any questions.

If you choose to pay in full, you will receive a 10% discount, making your tuition $1,669. To take advantage of this discount, your full payment must be received on or before Saturday, November 5, 2016.Your non-refundable $150 deposit is included in this amount. You may send a check (preferred) or purchase with a debit or credit card below:

You may choose to break your tuition up into monthly payments. Your first payment would be $265 (your $150 non-refundable deposit is included), due on or before Saturday, November 5, 2016. The rest of your tuition would be broken into 9 equal payments of $176.67 due on the 5th of each month thereafter (December 2016 through July 2017) with your final payment of $176.64 due on August 5, 2017.

You may make your first payment of $265 by check or using your credit or debit card below. Stephanie will consult with you to set up subsequent monthly payments.

The third option is to pay $265 on or before the beginning of each weekend we convene. To take advantage of this option, a $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the circle, due on or before Saturday, November 5, 2016
. Your first weekend payment would therefore be $115. Subsequent weekend payments would be $265.

You may make this downpayment either by check or by using your credit or debit card below. All future payments may be made by check or cash and are due the morning of the first day we convene each weekend.

Logistical Considerations

Location: The specific location has not yet been determined, but will be within the Kansas City metropolitan area. Often, one of the initiates will offer her home to host the series. Conducting the circle in a home is a beautiful way to create a safe and private container to hold space for our deep work; plus it brings a wonderful energy to that person's home! If you would like to offer your home to host the process, please let Stephanie know and she will meet with you to assess if your space is suitable for holding circle.

For those coming from out of town: If you are considering participating in this circle, but live out of town, it is almost always the case that those who live in town happily open their homes to their out-of-town sisters as well as provide local transportation. Part of the magic of the process is the sense of community and genuine support that arises and is fostered within the circle. Please let Stephanie know before you book a hotel or rental car as we should be able to connect you with local sisters who can support you!


Frequently Asked Questions
Find out more about the process!


Ideal Initiate Checklist
Click this link to see if you are an ideal candidate for this process.


A 'Model' Priestess
Read this article Stephanie wrote about her own journey going through the Priestess Process.


Disclaimer & Release
All participants will be asked to sign this disclaimer and release on the first weekend.


Praise For The
Priestess Process

"This was definitely a journey of love, tears, laughter, anger, frustration, learning, growing and being activated, aligned and embodied with myself as well as my sistars (sic). My surprises came towards the end when I looked back over my nine-month process and was truly able to see the growth within myself and how it blew me away that the things I wrote in my initiation statement have come true for me."
~ Shannon Lindsey,
The Unburnt Sixstars of the Flame

"The Priestess Process has given me great insight into my fears, motivations and the hidden agendas playing in the background of my life.... I possess new skills to assist me to navigate my reality as I choose to create it. I am blessed with a new sense of connectedness with my fellow sisters, my loved ones, my fellow man and All That Is. This process has not only made me a stronger person but has enhanced my intuition and ability to facilitate healing in others. Thank you."
~ Ginny Farney,
The Authentic Galactic Elderberries

"[The most powerful experience for me was] forgiveness and being assertive expressing my needs, desires and boundaries. It was the most powerful piece of this process for me because I have never really done it. I was both supported and FELT supported enough to finally push through the fear of rejection that paralyzed me."
~ Allyson Ashley,
The Unburnt Sixstars of the Flame

"It changes you in ways you will never expect or be able to explain."
~ Laura Robinson,
The Sisterhood of the Rainbow Web

"The [Priestess] Process exceeded my expectations. I have released things that no longer serve my being and have been able to begin filling my soul with what does. I allowed myself to be more open in front of others than I have in a very long time, if ever. I know myself more now than ever before."
~ Geula Goose,
The Unburnt Sixstars of the Flame

"...I feel every woman should have the opportunity to experience this type of support and the time to honor and appreciate herself and her sisters."
~Hester Black,
The Authentic Galactic Elderberries



About Your Facilitator

Stephanie Red Feather

Stephanie Red Feather is a Magdalene High Priestess, Ordained Shamanic Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Spiritual Healer, and a shamanic practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru.

Additionally she is a certified Money Breakthrough Method™ coach and a prolific creator of workshops and materials including:

Bullet A Day With Your Inner Shaman

Bullet The Shamanic Dance of Transformation

Bullet New Year's Spiritual Renewal

Bullet How to Clear Yourself & Your Home Space

Bullet Earth Embodiment School

Bullet Soul Check-In

Bullet The Embodiment How-To Manual

Bullet How to Make Decisions With Your Heart: A Guided Meditation

Bullet My 30-Day Wealth Building Workbook

Bullet Turn Your Chakras Into Cash: 7 Ways to Make More Money Using the Power of Your Body's Energy Centers

Bullet and has several other programs and products currently in development, including her first book The Empath's Handbook.

Stephanie is highly attuned to the subtle frequencies and her specialty is the emotional and energetic bodies. She is a master at drawing forth that which is hidden or obscured to be healed and integrated. Being an empath, she has learned the hard way how to manage her energy field and draw boundaries. This hard-earned wisdom is now highly sought after as practical teachings.

She is gifted at creating sacred space and making esoteric concepts accessible and practical. She uses a unique blend of intuition, life experience and no-nonsense practicality to facilitate those who seek her guidance.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, students and workshop participants, Stephanie skillfully navigates the unseen realms to serve the individual, the circle and the planet.

For more information or questions on the Embodied Priestess Process™, please contact Stephanie Red Feather at 913-515-3271 or



"I do not believe the New Priestess is to replicate the old ways. I believe she becomes her own Oracle and encourages others to do the same. Nor do I believe that she abdicates her own power or way of life to serve a God or Goddess outside herself or promote worship of external forces. I believe the New Priestess consciously aligns with the Archetypal Gods and Goddesses to co-create with the Great Mystery and that she intentionally embodies the highest qualities of her Goddess Self. She knows herself as woman, Priestess, Goddess." ~ Nicole Christine




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