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Preparing For Increase
How To Welcome The Wealth That Is Already Yours

As spiritual beings, many of us still struggle with charging for our gifts, asking for what we're worth or making a "lot" of money (whatever that amount is for you). With as many lifetimes as we've all lived, you can be certain that we still carry around the cellular memories of taking vows of poverty, begging, eschewing earthly pleasures or material items, being nuns or monks, being persecuted or rejected, lifetimes of wealth where we were betrayed or acted irresponsibly, or where we were made to believe that service means giving all of yourself with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

We are transmitting our personal frequency 24/7, and the Universe is constantly reflecting back to us circumstances and people who mirror our own vibration. When we transmit from a place of fear, contraction, guilt, worry, shame or drama around money, then that’s exactly what we get more of.

Compound that with the subtle but still prevalent messages of suffering and sacrifice that are perpetuated in most religions, and you can bet we carry around a huge amount of inner conflict around money.

Well, it is time to let it all go. It is time to heal the money-spirit split. It is time to start getting comfortable around larger amounts of money.

While most of us understand conceptually there is enough of everything for everyone, it is harder for us to practice and embody it in our daily lives—especially when it comes to money. And we have all kinds of great excuses about why we don’t have more money, don’t we?

But as spiritual adepts, it’s time to practice what we preach. It's time to own that being co-creators with Spirit means we have a role to play in our own creation and experience of abundance.

This process is two-fold. One, we need to do our inner work to clear the energetic residue of lack and fear from past lifetimes. Clearly we are here at this point in our development and consciousness as a species (among other reasons) to forge a new relationship with money, wealth, abundance and the concept of enough.

This inner work of clearing can take many forms, so you choose what resonates for you. Shamanic breathwork, Reiki, past-life regression, hypnosis, resonance repatterning, talk therapy, art, journaling and more. But do the work.

Preparing For Increase

Secondly, you need to embrace new habits and patterns to help you shift your relationship to money.

Everything in this world vibrates at a particular frequency. We are transmitting our personal frequency 24/7, and the Universe is constantly reflecting back to us circumstances and people who mirror our own vibration. When we transmit from a place of fear, contraction, guilt, worry, shame or drama around money, then that’s exactly what we get more of.

If you want to receive the monetary abundance that is already yours in the divine blueprint, then it’s time to elevate the frequency you are transmitting to the Universe through new practices and habits.

Here are seven mindsets and actions you can implement right now, each designed to shift your energetic relationship to money so that you can begin to recognize and welcome the abundance of wealth that is waiting for you.

  1. Check in with your energetic state of being throughout the day and especially when you do anything related to money. Whether you are balancing your checkbook, paying bills, or buying groceries, take a pause and assess your energy. Are you in a state of contraction (fear, worry, lack) or expansion?  Ask yourself, “What am I transmitting?” or “What am I putting my attention on?” Use your breath to clear any energies that are not serving you. Access a place of gratitude and joy to create a feeling of expansion and raise your vibration.

  2. Savings GrowOpen (or add to) a savings account. Preparing for increase means you need to start getting comfortable with having money. By regularly contributing to a savings account you are signaling to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to handle more money and are comfortable with having more money. The amount isn’t nearly as important as the action and the momentum it creates. Even if it’s only $10 a week, what’s important is the energy of the habit you are creating.

  3. Get rid of anything that represents poverty or lack consciousness. The items that you look at and interact with in your daily life all have an energy attached to them. Do you still have your old dilapidated bookcase or desk from college? Milk crates? Old furniture you got at a garage sale that the veneer is peeling off of? Raggedy clothes that should have gone to the rag pile years ago? What are you still using, eating, wearing or otherwise interacting with that you tell yourself you don't care, but inside you know it really eats at you? With gratitude but firmness, start to release the things in your life that make you feel poor or remind you of less prosperous times.

  4. Act “as if.” Envision where you want yourself to be and then act from that place.  For example, if you own your own business and desire to break into 6 figures, ask yourself: “What would a 6-figure business owner do in this situation?” Correspondingly, begin to eliminate phrases such as “I can’t afford that” or “I don’t have enough money” from your daily vocabulary.

    An important piece of advice: when you choose the place you want to act from, don't make it so unreachable that your mind and body just shut down and react as though it is an impossibility. You want to stretch yourself so that you are a bit uncomfortable, but not make it such a huge goal that you can't relate to it as realistic. For example, if you make $45,000 a year and you want to eventually make $200,000, your mind might just check out and say, "No way. That's too big of a leap." But, if you choose, say, $70,000, your mind might say, "Whew, that's a stretch, but I can believe it is possible."

  5. Start carrying around more cash.  There’s an amount we’re each comfortable having in our wallet.  Maybe you’re comfortable with $100 cash in your wallet, but what about $300?  Or maybe you’re comfortable with $20s, but having a $50 or $100 bill in your wallet would be uncomfortable.Push your comfort zone.

  6. Energy flows where attention goes. It’s so easy to focus only on the money going out. But if all we do is focus on what’s going out, then we create the experience of-you guessed it-more going out! Here are two actions for shifting your focus.

    a. Start tracking the money that comes to you every day. Income, interest, rebates, refunds, even the penny you find on the street. As you shift your focus to what is coming to you, you will create the experience of more coming to you. (Of course, please still be responsible and track your bills and balance your checkbook!)

    b. Create a gratitude journal.  Every day complete the sentence “today I feel rich because…” five times. As you begin to focus on what you are grateful for, the Universe will reflect back to you more things for which to be grateful.  Your vibration will elevate and how you view the world will transform.

  7. Bless what is not enough.  In those times when what you have in the moment is not enough, you have a choice to curse it or bless it. Many times I have stood in front of my altar, held my checkbook or cash in my hands and thanked the Universe for what I DO have. And by now, you’ve figured out when you put your attention on the abundance and not the lack, you magically create access to more and greater abundance.

As you begin to do your inner work of releasing old patterns and past-life wounds and applying these principles and actions in your daily life, you will begin to transform your relationship to money.  And be prepared for pleasant surprises!...the $10 bill you find, a forgotten check to be cashed, an unexpected gift in the mail, a gift card. If you look for lack, you will find lack. If you look for abundance, you will find abundance. Make a conscious choice from this moment forward to look at the world through the lens of abundance and you will experience the world as an abundant place.

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