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At this time I do not have a date set for the next offering of this program. The content below is from the most recent time this program was offered so that you may still get a feel for what it includes and if it calls to you. If you would like to participate the next time this program is offered, please contact me with your interest and I'll put you on a list. Thank you!

Soul Check In Workshop

Soul Check InDear conscious soul:

It doesn't matter how spiritual you are, how well your life is going (or isn't), or how grand or ordinary your daily activities are, we ALL need those respites where we can step out of linear time and check in with ourselves on a deep level, undistracted by our daily goings-on.

Soul Check-In™ was created to give you the luscious opportunity to connect and check in with your soul:

Bullet Are you on purpose or have you gone a bit off course?

Did you unintentionally slip into living from have-to's instead of want-to's?


Do you need to review and restructure your priorities but can't seem to find the time?

Bullet Have you become overwhelmed with all you ARE doing, WANT to do, NEED to do and WISH you could do, to the point you are scattered and don't even know what to focus on?
Bullet Do you know what you need to do, but somehow can't take that first step or keep stalling out?
Bullet Is it time to release certain activities/obligations/relationship in your life that no longer feed you?

Do you intuitively know that you are out of alignment with where your soul is leading you?


Do you feel a deep longing, an ache that won't go away, beckoning you to take a risk and go for it?


Do you find it challenging to give yourself the necessary time to reflect, listen to your guidance and check your decisions for full soul resonance instead of settling for half-measures, "that's good enough" or "someday soon?"

Soul Check-inThis day-long workshop will employ ceremony, journaling, guided journeys, art, group sharing, movement and more to give you the access you need to regain your momentum and focus and move forward with deliberate intention.

Take advantage of this opportunity to set aside the role of mother, boss, husband, care-taker, business owner, wife or whatever hats you juggle on a regular basis. During this workshop, you get to be JUST YOU, with nobody vying for your time and attention and noone needing anything from you.

Give yourself the precious gift of showing up just how you are knowing that there is nobody you need to perform for. Be comfy and settle back into the cradle of your own arms as you reconnect with your center.

During our day together, you will have to opportunity to:

Square Bullet Re-align with your soul purpose

Square Bullet Get clear on your priorities

Square Bullet
Identify and clear the blocks keeping you from taking soul-inspired action

Square Bullet
Receive guidance from your higher self/soul/source

Square Bullet
Tell yourself the truth in a safe space where you won't be judged

Square Bullet
Walk a sacred labyrinth to ceremonially release and renew

Square Bullet
Activate your imaginal cells

Square Bullet
Meet your future self and receive potent messages

Square Bullet
Create actions steps for the next 30 days

Square Bullet
Anchor your new direction through ceremonial declaration

This is an exquisite opportunity to get clear! Think about anything you have ever put off and then, when you finally did it, said, "I should have done that a LONG time ago!" That's what this workshop is for you. Don't put it off. Your soul is calling to you.

Soul Check-In Workshop


I went to the Soul Check-in class to gain some clarity and to step back from all the drama and hustle and bustle of life. There was a very big confirmation that my higher self was already speaking to me by the clarity of what I had written down [in a journaling exercise] that matched the cards I pulled. I look forward to finishing up all my journaling assignments. One of my favorite activities was the labyrinth and felt like it was so much like life - a journey and never a straight path to the center. I also enjoyed writing and releasing in the letter burning exercise. That was a powerful group activity.

I realized that I have to work on stopping the self criticism, learn to let go and release, and to stop trying to fix others and to fix situations, to be more present, and finally to connect and honor my creative side.

You did a wonderful job of facilitating and guiding the group. Thank you so much.

Tammy Winburn





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