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Money Worries

In our current geopolitical climate, it can be easy to fall into contraction around money. Much is unclear about where we are headed with taxes, health care, interest rates, job security and more. It can be a challenge to stay out of panic, withdrawal or resignation. Mentally, many of our old tapes get triggered when we go into fear around money. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • There isn't enough.
  • We'll have to cut way back.
  • One of us will need to get a second job.
  • I'll never be able to...(move into a bigger house, get a new car, have the surgery I need, etc.)
  • We'll have to cancel our vacation.
  • My business is going to...(dry up, lose clients, go into the red, etc.)
  • Will I be able to take care of my children?
  • We're going to have to sell our house and move into a smaller one, take on a roommate, etc.
  • I guess my dream of (______) will never happen.
  • We'll have to go into debt just to survive.

While it is always advised to be thoughtful and make conscious choices about your money and priorities, there is a difference between prudence and fear. How do you know if you are in fear? Checking in with your physical body will give you clear clues.

If you are in a contracted state when you interact with money — whether paying bills, doing taxes, balancing the checkbook, watching the news or making decisions with your partner — there will be physical symptoms. Common indicators include tightness in your gut, shallow breathing, a furrowed brow, anxiety, slumped (contracted) posture, rigidity in your muscles, nervous ticks, tension in your neck and shoulders or a general pattern of holding or clenching.

What happens when you stay in a contracted state?


Aside from the physical stress and its affect on your body, your entire world will begin to reflect your fears in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your beliefs create your reality and what you put your attention on grows. So if you stay mired in the old tapes, you will manifest what you are focusing on. It's the simple law of flows where attention goes.

You are a powerful creator! It takes active faith to remember and hold the space that you truly create your own reality. I know how challenging it can be! I have lived through draining all of my savings and investments, being let go from more than one job, being thousands of dollars in debt, and filing bankruptcy. Money has been a huge teacher for me and my relationship with money has done a complete 180 since the early days of my spiritual awakening.

If you are looking for some simple yet effective tools for shifting your relationship to money, releasing contraction and changing the focus of your attention, then I invite you to consider purchasing one or both of the spirit-money products I created. They're both available in an easy-to-download format.

Wealth Building WorkbookMy 30 Day Wealth Building Workbook is more than just a 30-day exercise to expand your conscious relationship with money.  It is designed to be used every month to cultivate and streamline your daily wealth building practice to attract more money in your life with a tracking practice that takes just a few minutes a day! It's the same exercises I give to my private clients and they have created all manner of abundance including raises and promotions to all-expenses-paid workplace training, a 264 point swing on their credit score and long-given-up-on borrowed money being paid back!

This workbook includes some of the key principles and mindsets that I share with my clients to help them make — and keep — more money. As a bonus, I  created 30 days of journaling questions designed to give you a deeper dive into your subconscious beliefs around money.

Chakras Into CashTurn Your Chakras Into Cash: Seven Ways To Make More Money Using The Power Of Your Body's Energy Centers helps you identify and clear the limiting money beliefs, outdated patterns and subconscious saboteurs that are stored in your energy body. The action steps in this guide give you a wide variety of exercises you can engage in to cultivate new awarenesses in your body, creating new patterns to replace the old and thus giving you the powerful opportunity to manage your energy system consciously.

I encourage you to keep it nearby as a handy reference anytime you catch yourself in a place of contraction or lack consciousness.

Just like blood flowing through our veins, energy flowing through our bodies can get blocked, impeded, and interfered with. Your unhealthy or no-longer-useful energy patterns around money get lodged in your energy system and can create blockages that keep you from experiencing the wealth you deserve. Each chakra has its own chapter which provides an extensive list of disempowering money behaviors that could be showing up for you, which gives you the opportunity to identify specific beliefs or “tapes” that are running for you at any given time. To help you reprogram the old tapes, I created a wide variety of actions you can take to clear that chakra of whatever disempowering behaviors and beliefs you are experiencing.

If you know you want to go one step further into one-on-one coaching and would benefit from direct support and a structured program, I invite you to consider my private Money Breakthrough Program. This is an in-depth program which includes almost five months of private coaching! The content is broken into five modules where we will explore Healing Your Family's Money Legacy, Forgiving Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues From Your Past, Creating Accountability and Action, Claiming Your Money Power, and Revealing Your Sacred Relationship With Money. The program also includes several bonuses, detailed on the web page.

My prayer is that your awakening and transformation will be easier and less painful than mine was. That's why I do this as my sacred work in the world. If there's any way I can support you in your relationship to money or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In love and service,


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