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'So Many Breakthroughs & Postive Changes'

Misty"I saw Stephanie’s information in a paper I was reading a couple of years ago and cut it out, feeling I would need it one day. A few months ago, I made my first appointment. That first visit did more for me than two years with a therapist!!!

"Stephanie gave me two exercises to do before my next visit which awakened me to the root cause of many of my patterns. Everything comes to us when we are open and ready and I am so glad I was finally ready to do the work and made that first appointment!

"I have had so many breakthroughs and positive changes working with Stephanie! I am now more in tune with my body and understanding how feelings are a tool for manifesting all my dreams. It has started a transforming healing process and I will forever be grateful to her and her work."

~ Misty L.


'HUGE Gift'

"Just wanted to send you big appreciation for being there for me. I really leaned on your big love until I found it again in myself. HUGE gift you give. Thank you!"

~ Hilary Trumble
Client Services Manager


Virginia FarneyBetter Than Whole Year Of Therapy

"My first session with Stephanie uncovered some core issues that I never would have discovered through self-exploration. Stephanie's work was more beneficial than a whole year of therapy."

~ Virginia Farney
Hospice Worker


'A True Medicine Woman'

"I started seeing Stephanie individually and Stephanie has an awesome gift and is very in tune with Spirit and the clients she works with. I spent over 5+ years in conventional therapy and barely scratched the surface and in the first 3 sessions Stephanie allowed Spirit to work through her to empower me to empower myself to walk through some traumatic issues that I couldn't see and break through. I consider Stephanie to be a true medicine woman."

~ Shannon Lindsey


One Of The Best Gifts I've Ever Given Myself

Lorna Hooper"Stephanie's ability to communicate and listen in a honest and straightforward, yet nurturing and loving way, is amazing. After working with her I have been able to quiet my inner-child and negative self-talk and identify when I am letting those insecurities create chaos and blockages in my personal and professional relationships and successes. Using the tools and insight I gained from my sessions, I am able to more easily overcome these insecurities. And when a message or emotion arose that I wasn't ready to work through or couldn't verbalize or understand, her incredible patience and kindness came through to either help, encourage or let it be.

"Being an empathic person, going through life feeling everyone else's feelings and emotions creates many unique challenges. I have learned to more effectively interact with outside influences and other people in my life in a more constructive, productive and healthy way. Stephanie helped me to open my heart and dig deep into my own mind to be able to manifest more love, happiness and success in every area of my life.

"Working with Stephanie is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself!

"Thank You Stephanie!!

~ Lorna Hooper
Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer


Allyson AshleyI recently returned to the stage

"I had given up giving of my favorite gift because the world of classical ballet was too emotionally painful.  The tools Stephanie shares I am confident are why I am using my personal power to create my life the way I wish it to be.  I recently returned to the stage. I now feel blessed and calm instead of stressed and ravaged."

~ Allyson Ashley
Ballet Dancer


I Have Regained My Voice

Julia FeltonSince working with Stephanie I have regained my voice and am now more confidently able to articulate what I need and desire. I am now setting clearer boundaries with others and feel more empowered than I have in a long time.

Thank you Stephanie for helping me unblock that part of me that was holding me back from the success that I deserve.

~ Julia Felton (UK), a Holistic Business Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Author of the Book Unbridled Success – How the Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Your Leadership, Teamwork and Communication Skills


Grateful To Have Found Stephanie

"I really feel lighter, happier and healthier emotionally. It's truly an amazing journey, and I am very grateful to have found Stephanie to help guide me. I know we have a lot of work to do, but with every session I get a little better and I get more tips on how to stay that way.

"I have already recommended her to my significant other and will continue to recommend her to people that are ready to go on a quest for balance, spirituality, and inner change."

~ Jennifer W.


I No Longer Live In Fear

"Growing up I learned poor money management skills from my father. The money I earned would burn a hole in my pocket and, needless to say, I was perpetually broke. I struggled through college, taking out loan after loan just to get by. By the time I graduated I had amassed a ton of debt. My credit cards were maxed out and I was very scared. So much so that I wouldn't even look at my mail. I threw all of my bills into a large suit case which I kept under my bed.

"Then, as fate would have it, I met Stephanie. She and I were doing some work together. After some time, she informed me that she was a certified trainer in a program called: The Money Breakthrough Method. Knowing that I needed serious help, I signed up, and let me tell you something, it was a life-changer! Stephanie helped guide me and point out the root issues which were undermining my relationship with money.

"Let me tell you what Stephanie and The Money Breakthrough Method did for me.

"Today I have a savings account! My credit score which was tanking at 550 is now a spectacular 814! It has enabled me to purchase a nice car at the lowest interest rate available! But the biggest thing is that I no longer live in fear when it comes to matters of money! What a huge gift!"

~ Walker
Hospice Worker


I Never Thought Money Could Be So Fun

"A deeply compassionate person, Stephanie Red Feather is one of the best listeners I have ever known. She has the capacity to glean deep insights into each of her client’s karmic situations – thus shedding light on those aspects of the self which may have been hidden and need to be integrated. Before working with Stephanie, I struggled with severe agoraphobia. After working with Stephanie, my agoraphobia has been healed and I no longer suffer anxiety attacks when in crowded places. I have even taken a cross-country train trip to the east coast…all without experiencing an abnormal fear of being in crowds.

"And I am here to testify that, after tending to the money energies in my life, I have received two scholarships and feel totally empowered when it comes to managing the money energy that comes into my life…I never thought that money could be so much fun! 

"Here’s just a small list of other results I’ve experienced by working with Stephanie:

"- After approaching my Uncle and making arrangements to pay the debt I owe him, our relationship has healed. As Stephanie would say, the relationship is being kept: 'clean, clear and current.'

"- I’ve given myself permission to make more money.

"- I have started a savings account and no longer have a sense of fear or lack when dealing with money.

"- In the past, when thinking about money, my primary focus would be on what was going out from me (be it money for bills, money for gas, etc). Now my focus is on the abundance which is coming to me. It could be from finding a five dollar bill in my winter coat, or from the winnings of a rarely purchased lottery ticket, or from a stranger ahead of me in the Starbuck’s drive thru who pays for my latte. And by taking up that perceptual shift, I have found that one aligns themselves with the creative impulse of the Universe and then actually is blessed with more abundance.

"Stephanie Red Feather has a remarkable way of calling upon the healing forces of the Universe to help her clients. She is the real deal."

~ Walker
Hospice Worker

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Julie D'Auteuil'A leader in this evolving industry'

"I feel this material is a must have for anyone in the alternative healthcare business! Stephanie addresses our unique energetic challenges as light workers with fun, honor and dignity. Her insights of Spirit and business savvy distinguish her as a leader in this evolving industry."

~ Julie D'Auteuil
Wellness Advocate and Officiant


'A Critical Personal Philosophy Remake'

Fran Hess"In one single 30-minute breakthrough session with Stephanie I changed my focus from trying to work harder to working smarter by freeing myself from the expectations and the self-restrictions of others.

"I have been steadily growing my massage business and wanted to discuss how to continue that steady growth until I had doubled the average number of clients I saw each week. Instead, I’m now thinking in terms of income rather than numbers, and I received several useful business-building suggestions --in addition to a critical personal philosophy remake. 

"I not only have some plans, I have more personal freedom to implement those plans. Thank you for your time, intuition and inspiration wrapped in a package of practical doable concrete steps."

~ Fran Hess
Massage Theraptist


Free From Guilt, Turmoil, Anxiety & Negativity

Alicia Burke"Before working with Stephanie, I struggled with everything that revolved around money -- my relationship with my mom and my husband, buying things I didn’t need or sometimes even wanted past the spontaneous “oooh” moment. I paid all of my bills on time, but I continued to accumulate debt and let money rule my thoughts and moods.

"I had these problems and they cost me trust in my marriage, with handling the finances, my daily sanity, my relationship with my parents and the money I owed them. Every aspect of my life was ruled by money.

"After working with Stephanie, I have started to view money as my friend rather than something I rarely see and always want more of. I still pay my bills on time, but I have more peace with money and with my debt. Since working with Stephanie my energetic channels have reversed, and both my husband and I have received promotions at our work. We were able to refinance our home at a lower interest rate and at a shorter term. I am learning to curb my impulses and enjoy the things I purchase now instead of just “having them.”

"I feel
free from guilt, turmoil, anxiety and negativity surrounding my finances and financial position in life. I just feel free!"

~ Alicia Burke
Massage Therapist and Co-Owner, Z-Fit Pittsburg, LLC



Monique Wade"I first met Stephanie through a Meditation Class that she was teaching. That class put me on a whole new path of awareness. Now here we go again. I'm enrolled in her Money Breakthrough Platinum Program and it has been life-changing.

"I originally took this course to help me grow my business. Instead it has helped me clear life clutter, opening my eyes up to patterns, habits, and beliefs that need changing in order for me to fulfill my life purpose. Stephanie has truly been a blessing to me. I have recommended her to friends and family. I have achieved much more than monetary rewards; I have gained life purpose.

"Thank you so much for everything Stephanie."

~ Monique Wade



"I want to thank you so much for the 30 minutes you shared with me. The questions you asked to help determine what may be holding us back from having a good relationship with money were amazing.

"You were able to help me find my triggers! It has helped me so much over the past couple weeks. Thank you again. I will recommend you very highly to each and everyone I know."

~ Nina Beaner
Intuitive Energy Healer


Sabrina LargenMonumental 'Ahh' Moment

"The class was one of those monumental ahh moments when I realized I was perfectly normal for an empath. That I could embrace my behavioral nature with respect and work with it instead of fighting it. It has shifted the way I look at myself and my past in a beautiful way."

~ Sabrina Largen
KC International Airport Environmental Manager


Eugenia OrtizI Now Resonate With The Statement 'Money Is Love'

"I love Stephanie’s beautiful, vibrant energy! She really helped me to energetically and consciously resonate with money in a more positive and healthy way. I now resonate with the statement, money is love. I know I am deserving of both."

~ Eugenia Ortiz
Transformation Facilitator


Rediscovering Her Inner Peace

Lonetta Lollar"Before working with Stephanie, I struggled with trusting that I was in line with Creator's will for the ranch and trusting whether or not I would be used by friends for ranch opportunities.

"These problems cost me my own inner peace.

"After working with Stephanie, I have created a budget for the ranch, realized where the main source of income will come from, shifted my focus from poverty-thinking energy to abundance energy, realized that I was gifting as a means of gaining approval, realized that our lodging fees did not match the value that the ranch offers, revised our website to be more inviting, became more comfortable with dealing with the ranch's guests, and become motivated to bring our vision to the world. (I could go on and on and on.)

"I feel Stephanie has been such a blessing in my walk. She kept herself open so Creator could work through her to help, enhance and love me on this human walk. For that I will always be grateful."

Lonetta Lollar

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