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Turn Your Chakras Into Cash

Turn Your Chakras Into CashThis product will be retired as of January 1, 2018 so be sure to get a copy now. I am offering it at almost 40% off the regular price!

Are you ready to identify and clear the limiting money beliefs, outdated patterns and subconscious saboteurs that are stored in your energy body?

For most people, the solution to their money issues is not as simple as “you just need to get a better job,” or “you just need to create and stick to a budget.” That’s why a lot of “practical solutions” don’t work – because they only address behaviors and they don’t address the foundational elements that the behaviors stem from.

The action steps in this guide will give you a wide variety of exercises you can engage in to cultivate new awarenesses in your body, creating new patterns to replace the old and thus giving you the powerful opportunity to manage your energy system consciously and begin to attract – and hang onto! – the abundance that is your birthright!

Just like blood flowing through our veins, energy flowing through our bodies can get blocked, impeded, and interfered with. Your unhealthy or no-longer-useful energy patterns around money get lodged in your energy system (chakras) and can create blockages that keep you from experiencing the wealth you deserve. And, as long as you continue to ignore them or don’t take an active part in reprogramming your actions and reactions, your body will keep running the same old outdated patterns.

Each chakra has its own chapter and includes the name, color, location, a handy one-word descriptor and the “point of view” of that chakra. For each chakra, an extensive list of disempowering money behaviors that could be showing up for you gives you the opportunity to identify specific beliefs or “tapes” that are running for you at any given time. To help you reprogram the old tapes, I created a wide variety of actions you can take to clear that chakra of whatever disempowering behaviors and beliefs you are experiencing.

I also debunk a common misconception around people’s expectations as they start their path of awakening. This is a critical piece of wisdom that will save you countless headaches and frustrations as you elevate your relationship with money!

You will want to keep this guide handy because whenever you recognize that you are in a disempowering pattern, you can take immediate action to shift the pattern!

All of this comes in an easy-to-use downloadable format for only $11.00. (Regular price, $18)


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