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Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue Discounted Sessions

Bullet Do you experience inner conflict that keeps you stuck?

Bullet Is there some internal force that seems to sabotage every dream?

Bullet Do the voices in your head nag you 24/7?

Bullet Are you stuck in old patterns that you can't seem to break?

Bullet Is your Inner Critic relentless?

Bullet Does your behavior go south when you get triggered, despite your best intentions?

Bullet Do you have an adversarial relationship with your ego?


Since July I have been working with a powerful technique called Voice Dialogue. I was actually introduced to the technique in the Priestess Process™ in 2005. Something about it caught my attention this summer when I saw an email advertising an upcoming online workshop. Spirit was definitely communicating to me!

I am currently in a 6-month training program and am ready to begin sharing the magic of this work with you.

In short, this is a technique where we can talk to ANY part of your psyche and find out its point of view and why it acts in your life the way it does. Voice Dialogue assumes that our psyche is made up of a vast number of parts. Each part has its own reason for being, purpose, point of view and influence. Some are primary parts (the parts that are usually driving the bus), some are wounded child parts, some are unconscious parts, some are archetypal (non-personal)...there are many, many types of parts. You can even use Voice Dialogue to talk to body parts!

This method is SUPER revealing and there's no end to the number of parts you can talk to.

I have already experienced great personal transformation as a result of this work and I am excited to begin sharing it. I need people to practice on! And, I know you will gain great benefit and insight even though I am still in training. I have decided to offer deeply discounted sessions so that I can have a chance to practice on a wide variety of people and you can have a chance to receive greater insight and understanding into the workings of your psyche and ego structure.


Discount Through End Of 2017

Through the end of the year (Dec 31) you can receive a 60 minute Voice Dialogue session for only $45! My normal rate is $85/hour and Voice Dialogue coaches often command well over $150 an hour, so this is an awesome deal.

This would also make a great gift for a friend or loved one, so you might consider if there is someone in your life you would like to treat to this transformational work. I would appreciate you helping me spread the word.

Please contact me to schedule your first session. You can pay in person or use the Pay Pal link below.

Voice Dialogue Sessions must be completed on or before January 15, 2018.




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