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Who do I work with?

Most of my clients tend to be healers themselves (massage therapists, counselors, coaches, nurses, therapists, hospice workers, etc.) but I work with any adult who is at a spiritual crossroad needing help to illuminate their blind spot, release pain or gain clarity and direction.

No matter what you're going through, I'm not afraid to go there with you. People don't find their way to me unless they are willing to go deep inside their hearts. It takes vulnerability and courage to make profound and lasting changes, and I don't work on the small stuff!

People are often drawn to me because the paint-by-number approach of traditional counseling methods, whether it be psychiatry, the church or modern medicine, has failed them. They're left with unanswered questions, unexplained feelings, and unresolved issues - with a sense there's an entire realm of reality left completely unexplored by these other methods.

Whatever your issue, people who work with me understand that any change on the outside must begin with change on the inside.

What can I help you with?

Whether it be uncertainty on life purpose, career changes, drawing boundaries, healing deep traumas, money issues, desiring to know yourself more fully, or anything that has you stuck or in pain, I can create a safe place of healing and trust where transformation can begin.

Through my own time spent in the crucible, I have become a master at navigating and illuminating the realm of emotions and energetic patterns. Using a vast array of psychological, shamanic and healing techniques, I am able to quickly cut through the fog of confusion and stagnation to find the root of your issue and help you transform it.

In addition to support your healing, I have created a wealth of tools and techniques to help the transformation stick and give you new habits to replace old ones. My approach is grounded in the fact that we live on this earth plane and must be able to function in form, not just spirit. Achieving "enlightenment" is not about bypassing the body and emotions; it is about fully embracing our body and emotions. That requires we do our spiritual work and look at the stuff that isn't always so pretty or comfortable!

At it's purest essence, I dance with the shadow. Shadow is simply the unloved, disowned parts of ourselves. When we keep aspects of ourselves banished because they are too painful, ugly, unlovable, embarrassing, horrifying, or disgusting, then we will continue to live a fragmented life. The walk towards wholeness leads right smack through the middle of our shadow. Healing ourselves is about acknowledging, accepting and loving those parts of ourselves we are most ashamed of and don't want anyone to know about.

  • Do you keep finding yourself getting triggered by the same types of circumstances?
  • Do you continually self-sabotage?
  • Are you highly critical and judgmental of other people?
  • Does that voice in your head berate you relentlessly?
  • Do you feel there's a part of you that's so dark and ugly that you really don't deserve love, success or joy?

My friend, then you have some shadow work to do.

What can you expect when you work
with me?

I work very intuitively, calling upon your highest guides and my highest guides to lead me toward the activities that will be most beneficial to you and get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. I create a sacred space of love and safety so that you may access the places of vulnerability necessary to create the healing and transformation you desire.

In our work together I will use a variety of techniques such as energy clearing, shamanic extractions or cord cuttings, counseling, past life recall, verbal dialog, living ceremony or guided visualization, as well as follow-up assignments to assist in the integration of the work we complete in session. I am known to use some rather unconventional methods, so part of the excitement is seeing where spirit will lead us!

Please note that some of my coaching programs are more structured and others less so. The private Money Breakthrough and Embrace Your Empath programs include very specific content, as well as some scripted breathing room to give us time to address issues unique to you. They occur with a prescribed regularity (usually every two weeks). These are programs you complete one time.

My Spiritual Healing packages are open-ended. You can continue to work with me for as long as you like and any number of issues, seeing me as often as you need to. These packages are also great for tune-ups to keep your energy and motivation high.

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Stephanie offers a variety of private sessions to help you heal, grow and find your authentic self.

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