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Womanifesting In The New Year

This workshop has been canceled as Stephanie mourns the recent passing of her mother-in-law.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Energetically, women are built differently than men. Not better or worse, just different. But this difference in our circuitry makes ALL the difference when it comes to how we manifest.

Woman CreatingAs women, our greatest power is in our ability to receive. But you're not going to find very many workshops, books, videos or blogs about this. Almost all the material out there about manifesting is geared toward male circuitry, which can leave women scratching their heads in extreme frustration.

Our bodies naturally know how to create space for new life. It is a concept inherent in our make-up. The wisdom of our cells contains the coding for this pattern. Yet through living in a masculine energy dominated society, women's wisdom has been lost. We've forgotten how to do what comes to us naturally.

In the vacuum that was created when we abdicated our feminine qualities, most of us force-fit a new center crafted from patriarchy, over-giving and left-brain thinking. And why wouldn't we? We're products of the influences that surrounded us growing up. And Western culture values left-brain attributes, competition and output.

Nobody is at fault here, but for women it begs the question, "Now what?" How do we get back to our innate intelligence? How do we get back to our individual center? How do we approach the process of bringing our dreams into form?

If you are ready to reclaim your power of creation — ready to return to your center — then I invite you to attend Womanifesting in the New Year.

In this day-long workshop we will:

Female Symbol Drop into our feminine energies, soften our edges and open to the grace of the Universe
Female Symbol Connect with and "turn on" our primary power pole — receptivity
Female Symbol Learn how women's energetic circuitry is different than men's and how that applies directly to our ability to manifest
Female Symbol Create space for our desires, intentions and passions to come forward
Female Symbol Receive a teaching that was downloaded several years ago from one of my sacred mountain guides in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru (Apu Aconcagua in Argentina)
Female Symbol Reframe our relationship with money (because "more money" is a frequent intention) and distinguish what it is we're really asking for
Female Symbol Learn practices we can use in our daily lives to stay connected to our feminine rhythms
Female Symbol Laugh and enjoy each other's company!
Female Symbol Use a variety of oracle cards to assist in hearing and clarifying the messages from your spiritual team
Female Symbol Act as the Sacred Witness as each woman shares her intentions for 2018
Female Symbol Complete the day with an integration ceremony where we will create a group sand mandala (each of you will get to take home some of the sand!)

If you live a conscious life, then there's a good chance your intention is to carve out a bit of time to sit with your desires and create some kind of vision for the coming year. Why not do it in the safe and juicy container of a feminine circle?

During our time, you can drop deeply into a space of receiving, without the normal distractions of home life. Allow me as the facilitator to guide your experience so you don't have to think about what to do next and you can be fully present in the moment. Plus, you'll receive valuable teachings that will help you regain and use your feminine power in the way it was designed.

Give yourself the gift of dedicated soul time to release the stress of the holidays, revel in feminine sisterhood, reclaim your center, and be in a loving, open space where you can clearly hear the guidance of your higher self and spiritual team.

Come be a womanifester!

In love and joyous service,

Stephanie Red Feather

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Date: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Location: Massage and Bodywork Collective, 106 N. Main Street, Liberty, MO (on the square)

Workshop Fee: $88. Bring a friend and save: Two for $160.

Pre-Registration Required.

Registration closes on Friday, January 12, at noon.

What to bring:

Bullet A scarf for dancing

Bullet Lunch (there will be a microwave and refrigerator)

Bullet Notebook or journal

Bullet Chairs will be provided, but if you prefer, you can bring your own chair, backjack, cushion, etc.

Bullet I will have my jewelry, smudge fans and sacred symbol art for sale, so bring cash or a check (or we can use Paypal) if you would like to purchase anything.

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